Transforming the delivery of holistic care with the next generation of Exponential Healthcare

Transforming the Delivery of Holistic Care with the Next Generation of Exponential Healthcare

By Dr. Paul Drouin

One of today’s most successful companies focusing on e-commerce, cloud computing, and digital streaming, Amazon, was started in a garage. To avoid regrets in his old age for failing to participate in the emerging internet with his own startup, Jeff Bezos quit his highly-paid job as vice president of a Wall Street firm and began working on his vision of creating the world’s largest bookstore online. Inspired by Amazon’s initial success, Bezos expanded his vision to build “Earth’s most customer-centric company, a place where customers can come to find and discover anything and everything they might want to buy online,” making Bezos a cultural force in the world. (1)

In the next decade, the culture of healthcare will also, out of necessity, be radically transformed by technology, as I have described in previous blogs. (2, 4) 

Today’s healthcare is challenged by many serious limitations, among them:

  1. Unaffordability: The cost of healthcare focused on disease has quadrupled in the last decade.
  2. Chronic Diseases: We still don’t have a cure for the major causes of death in our society – cardiovascular diseases and cancer – other than dealing with the symptoms by using pharmaceutical and surgical treatments that themselves result in the third-highest cause of death. Prevention is still the best therapy for chronic diseases and other lifestyle-related conditions.
  3. Decreasing availability of personal and attentive care.
  4. Lack of efficient strategies for preventing and managing disease or for monitoring health parameters.
  5. Physician burnout.


These are just a few of the many reasons why healthcare must shift and expand its strategies for delivering care. The new wave of successful and efficient healthcare providers – medical or natural doctors and even health coaches – will be those who already recognize the need for change and have envisioned these critical adaptations. Decades ago, companies or industries that ignored disruptive technologies like the internet, software, digital streaming, or others disappeared or were replaced.

The healthcare of tomorrow must follow Bezos’ example and put the needs of customers first, building an online platform that not only supports practitioners but truly transforms the delivery of healthcare, including health education and the practitioner/client relationship. The post-Covid boom in telemedicine is a classic example of how technology is already transforming the delivery of healthcare. Today, family doctors who haven’t added telemedicine services to their practice simply cannot meet the needs of a clientele that requires immediate access to personal attention; the same level of attention is expected in natural and holistic medicine. 

These tele-virtual services must be set up to meet professional HIPAA compliance standards. (3) But there is much more to it.

Many people are aware that in ancient times, traditional Chinese doctors were only remunerated according to their ability to maintain their clients’ health. When the client became sick, the doctor lost his clientele. We can expect that in the future, recognition of excellence in healthcare will go to the medical or holistic doctors who have integrated preventive strategies into their practice. 

Digital monitoring of numerous health parameters, such as those provided on the next generation of the Exponential Healthcare platform, will be the signature of a practitioner who personally attends to the management of health potential, prevention, and lifestyle. The elaboration of a professional platform with all the attributes of a Turnkey Business for scheduling appointments, managing payments, accounting, etc. is also an essential hallmark of quality and professionalism in healthcare, as well as Scaling health which is an important signature of a doctor who evaluates health potential by observing positive parameters associated with their clients’ health and exploring the connection between emotions, meridians, and organs. 

I have spoken about Exponential Healthcare in previous blogs (2, 4). It is Quantum University’s innovative health and wellness platform offering a turnkey business solution for practitioners to enhance their business and service delivery, including a wealth of health and wellness education for their clients through virtual care. The next generation of Exponential Healthcare, released March 7, 2023, is established on the most advanced technologies in the industry and features user-friendly and fully-functional automated billing, scheduling, notes, forms, and eSignatures; HIPAA compliance; subscription care; and more.

This platform provides the possibility for practitioners to offer customized courses, programs, and webinars for their clients tailored to their individual health issues and concerns. This specialized information can be accessed on demand, replacing the short and often insufficient advice offered within the context of the flow of a speedy office consultation.

Personalized healthcare services are made possible by leading-edge digital healthcare platforms such as Exponential Healthcare. These revolutionary steps toward the future of medicine have and will continue to truly transform how practitioners effectively evaluate and manage their clients’ individual health requirements, while empowering their clients to make actionable and measurable changes in their own lives through easy access to their own trackable parameters of optimal health. 

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