Exponential Healthcare: Your Digital Wellness Concierge

Exponential Healthcare: Your Digital Wellness Concierge

By Dr. Paul Drouin

Are you familiar with the definition of healthcare? According to Merriam-Webster’s

Dictionary (“Healthcare,”2022), Healthcare is defined as “Efforts made to maintain or restore physical, mental, or emotional well-being, especially by trained and licensed professionals.”

Being a medical doctor myself, I applaud this definition, but if I look at the outcomes and costs of the healthcare system in America, I am very disappointed.

“Recent studies of medical errors have estimated that errors may account for as many as 251,000 deaths annually in the United States (U.S.), making medical errors the third leading cause of death.” (1) And healthcare costs are continuously increasing as well, as illustrated by the chart below. (2)


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Intention and effort are present, but something is missing. In fact, looking closely at the term ‘healthcare,’ we seem to forget that the main point is improving health, rather than treating disease. I’m not suggesting that we ignore disease, but if we do not pay attention to improving health, we will end up with more disease and impossibly high costs, not only financially but also in terms of human resources. (Health workers are already exhausted from dealing with Covid-19 and many are quitting the system.)

Canada is facing a shortage of family doctors. Fewer medical school graduates are choosing the specialty of family medicine after witnessing the rising expectations placed on family practices without appropriate resources and the resulting physician burnout.” (3)

The core of the problem is Health Education. Trained and licensed professionals are formed and educated according to a model of medicine based on disease, not health. As I wrote in my book, Creative Integrative Medicine, “No one knows the price we are paying for an incomplete medical education.” (4, 5)

For example, consider your health in the same way you would the management and maintenance of your property. Can you imagine avoiding paying attention to maintaining your property for 10 or even 20 years? What would the results be? Without a doubt, many serious problems would have been avoided had they been treated when they first arose. Health, our most precious gift, is the same. Unfortunately, our healthcare system was designed to focus on the diagnosis of disease and the management of health crises. Most often, when the diagnosis is made, no previous health management has been done.

In fact, nothing in my medical school training prepared me to manage health; there was no training in what I now call the management of health parameters. Today, it’s not enough to tell your clients to be virtuous, eat well, and exercise, even if they suffer from risk factors associated with cardiovascular and chronic disease. Health coaching can also miss the target if the client is given no measurable feedback.

Previously I wrote a blog about “Coaching Health Potential” (6) in which I explained how scaling health potential is critical to making a difference in the outcome of health strategies, from providing meaningful and consistent feedback for the clients to help them maintain their motivation, to the lifestyle changes needed to reduce risk factors or negative behaviors.

Exponential Healthcare is unique in allowing the coach to regularly monitor your digital health parameters, which could be a game changer for shaping your health potential.

As I wrote previously (6), successful health coaching should result in:

  1. Greater heart and brain coherence
  2. Increased resilience
  3. Slowing down the aging process
  4. Increasing your intelligence and positive neural circuits
  5. Reducing the risk factors associated with cardiovascular disease and cancer
  6. Higher performance at all ages
  7. Positive impacts on your genetics
  8. Raising your Immunity
  9. ‘Wealth’ and success

The ideal situation would be to have a coach who can keep track of all these health parameters and tailor a personalized program that includes nutrition, exercises (yoga), HRV breathing techniques, and meditation, while reporting to you regularly at your convenience. This coach should also give you free access to pertinent health education by means of exciting classes from leaders in this field, as well as information about energetic anatomy and neuroplasticity.

The time when only doctors had access to privileged information regarding your health is now in the past. Today the trend is toward the Democratization of Medicine, where you team with your coach to work toward achieving your full potential for health.

Exponential Healthcare is the ideal platform for offering you this ideal form of care — a unique healthcare management system that includes an Exponential Health Coach who is professionally trained in what we call digital medicine, allowing you to be part of an ingenious environment that provides you access to a holistic approach that includes all the elements of truly preventive healthcare.

The Exponential Health Coach is the equivalent of the most sophisticated “Wellness Concierge” who specializes in monitoring your health potential with digital technologies, including your smartphone and advanced apps. This is truly the beginning of a new era in medicine that is not only more personalized but also focuses on your longevity and quality of life.

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