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Mastering Singularity

The nature of Consciousness as a field of information is offering a scientific foundation through quantum physics, to understand the fabric of the Biofield and its application in biology, genetics, prevention, and longevity. When advanced technology, is merged with the meditative experience of Singularity (Point Omega) collectively, a civilization will have reached a level of mastery in which they will have integrated their external world with their internal world.

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Bringing People Together – How Quantum University Changed Traditional Online Learning

Dr. Paul Drouin, an eminence in quantum physics and integrative medicine, once said, “What is missing in the world is the ability to bring people together in a deeper reality that brings us even closer.” He said this during one of his worldwide meditation summits, which served as the platform for Project Noosphere. One cannot help but pause and think about Dr. Paul’s words, as he was right; people have an innate need to come together, create change, and revolutionize industries and systems

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