Pro-Consciousness Medicine

In the last decade, we have seen the emergence of Pro-Consciousness Medicine through a new scientific blueprint based on the premises of quantum physics and neuroscience, a unified field theory in human biology integrating the dichotomy of mind and body.

Pro-Consciousness Medicine replaces the concept of disease with self-awareness and positive actualization, resulting in holistic healthcare management that emphasizes optimum health instead of disease and fatality. Pro-Consciousness Medicine, supported by the development and availability of user-friendly digital technologies, will democratize health care and open the door to personal creativity in the process of healing by empowering the individual to take a greater role in their own health care.

Creative Integrative Medicine

A Medical Doctor’s Journey toward a New Vision for Health Care

Dr. Paul Drouin, M.D.

Forward by Amit Goswami, PhDCreative Integrative Medicine Book
Author of The Self-Aware Universe and The Quantum Doctor

Insight into the journey of a medical doctor toward Integrative Medicine, establishing the foundation of modern medicine for the next century.

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