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Celebrating 50 Years of Medicine: Part I – From Personal Tragedy to the Founding of Quantum University

My initial excitement upon entering medical school quickly gave way to disappointments as I encountered the limitations of conventional Western medicine. The curriculum focused narrowly on symptoms and pharmacological treatments, neglecting to explore the underlying causes of illness or the holistic nature of human beings. This mechanistic approach felt profoundly unsatisfactory, failing to address the myriad of factors that contribute to health and disease. It became clear to me that there had to be a better way, an approach that considered the whole person. Thus, I embarked on an exploration of alternative medical traditions such as natural medicine, Taoist medicine, acupuncture, homeopathy, and auriculotherapy, alongside conventional medical procedures in my family practice.

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Noosphere Healing Chamber: Heal Yourself, Heal The World – Part II

In Part II of this series, Dr. Paul Drouin explores the innovative concept of amplifying healing intentions through the integration of vacuum engineering and collective consciousness. Building on Lynne McTaggart’s experiments and Nassim Haramein’s thirty years of research, it suggests that manipulating the quantum vacuum could enhance human consciousness and intention, particularly in a virtual healing chamber designed to resonate with collective healing goals.

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10 Principles Of Quantum Physics That Apply To Healing

Learn how these 10 principles of Quantum Physics challenge traditional beliefs in healthcare and open up a world of possibilities where the Biofield, quantum entanglement, and the power of intention play pivotal roles in the quest for health and longevity.

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Resilience from the Heart: 5 Simple Steps For Learning To Trust Your Gut

Explore the wisdom of Gregg Braden as he introduces you to a transformative approach to decision-making and life’s challenges. Braden emphasizes the power of heart intelligence, guiding us to bridge the gap between the mind and heart, and offering a practical five-step technique to access this inner wisdom. By doing so, he suggests that we can not only make more empowered choices but also foster resilience within ourselves and our communities, ultimately creating a way of life that aligns with our deepest values and allows us to thrive in a world marked by constant change.

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Consciousness Acupuncture with Ark Crystal Technology

Discover the groundbreaking synergy as Vacuum Engineering (Ark Crystal) meets Consciousness Acupuncture. Coupling Biofield technology with human consciousness, a journey explored through altered states of awareness over millennia, takes a leap forward with the integration of Vacuum Engineering and Consciousness Acupuncture via the Omega Point Technique.

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Quantum Medical Revolution Part 2

In ‘Quantum Medical Revolution Part 2,’ Dr. Paul discusses the limitations of conventional medicine’s dominance, advocating for a more inclusive approach that integrates quantum integrative care and recognizes the interconnectedness of health. He highlights the risks of over-reliance on pharmaceuticals, as seen in the opioid crisis, and underscores the importance of a holistic approach, particularly evident post-COVID-19. The article introduces Pro Consciousness Medicine as a transformative shift towards energy-based healing, promoting overall well-being through embracing the biofield’s potential.

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Quantum Medical Revolution

This blog explores the revolution occurring in medicine as it embraces principles of quantum physics. It highlights pioneers like Dr. Amit Goswami who have integrated concepts like non-locality into healing. Quantum University’s Doctor of Holistic Health program is discussed as transforming the foundation of medicine by going beyond the conventional, materialistic model. The curriculum encompasses modalities like biofeedback, neuroplasticity, and subtle energy harnessing. Students learn to tap into the infinite healing potential of the quantum field. By joining this program, they can help shape the future of holistic healthcare.

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Nurturing Nature’s Bounty for Your Apothecary

Written by Quantum University Alumna, Heidi Jarvis, this blog covers the importance of selecting and sourcing herbs to build a thriving apothecary. With the rise in popularity of self-healing, individuals are turning to natural remedies like herbs. To achieve proper healing, one must have knowledge of and access to therapeutic high-quality herbs.

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