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The Future of Medicine: Exponential Healthcare

The Future of Medicine: Exponential Healthcare by Dr. Paul Drouin

President and Founder of Quantum University

Exponential Healthcare is an opportunity for practitioners to set up their practice in the fastest-growing field of medicine today, tele-health virtual care. (1) We need to return autonomy to clients by teaching, training, and coaching them for optimal health using the unparalleled resources of digital technology.

The doctor of the future will be a Health Coach doctor who focuses on your health potential, rather than on disease. What will differentiate an Exponential Health Coach from a conventional coach is mastering the management of clients’ health potential through digital coaching, using specific tools and apps to access clients through telehealth medicine.

Healthcare based on disease has proven not only its incompetence in the management of chronic and psychosomatic diseases but also its unsustainable cost for even the wealthiest societies. (2) 

“A new report from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)’s Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report estimates that 20–40% of deaths from the five leading causes are preventable. The CDC points to modifiable risk factors as being largely responsible for these causes of death, which include heart diseasecancer, unintentional injuries, cerebrovascular diseases (stroke), and chronic lower respiratory diseases.” (3) 

Exponential Healthcare proposes a modern and efficient way to address prevention and increase Health Potential using an advanced software platform that integrates digital biofeedback sensors, smartphone technology, and TeleHealth Coaching to manage lifestyle and risk factors associated with the conditions mentioned above, as well as all the tools necessary to set up a turnkey telemedicine and tele-wellness practice.

Conventional medicine has refined the process of identifying diseases for the last century; now the time has come to scale health with the same ingenuity to counterbalance the currently unsustainable cost of healthcare.

Coaching health potential is based on training a new generation of Exponential Health Coaches on the foundation of neuroscience and quantum physics, as offered at Quantum University through the Exponential Health Coach Program

What is Exponential Healthcare?

Exponential Healthcare is a unique form of healthcare that promotes the Health Potential of the individual. In this new movement to democratize medicine, we believe that providing instant feedback on client health parameters through smartphone and telehealth technology is the key to empowering clients to take charge of their well-being by making informed decisions to effectively manage their own health. 

Telemedicine, coaching, and digital smartphone monitoring provide an easy and affordable way to track and measure hundreds of health parameters. When individuals monitor their own health parameters and share that information with their health coach on a regular basis, the coach can monitor their progress and use this information to educate and empower clients to create new habits that support and optimize their health. 

Exponential Healthcare Services:

  1. Turnkey Coaching Business for scheduling appointments, managing payments, accounting, etc.  It’s almost always a challenge for a coach to run the business aspect of their coaching practice. Exponential Healthcare provides all the tools to easily assure the success of your health services, including a personal website, business model, and the ability to provide reports from the clients’ wearable tracking sensors (Fitbit, Garmin (lifestyle), Muse (meditation), Heartmath (HRV), nutrition (genetic testing) and more, including lab reports.
  2. Road Map to make the shift into the digital world easy and cost-effective, offering a social telehealth platform with preloaded content that can be resold to your clients, creating a constant stream of income for your practice.
  3. Tailoring Personalized Programs: The Exponential Healthcare platform can also tailor personalized programs (nutrition, fitness, lifestyle, etc) that can complement their virtual consultations.
  4. Managing Corporate Accounts: A flourishing aspect of the Health Coach practice is to offer coaching services to corporate groups. Exponential Healthcare makes it easier and more professional with all the features of the platform.
  5. Monitoring Digital Parameters with affordable and readily-available technology such as Muse, Heartmath, Fitbit, and Garmin is an important aspect of the practice where the Health Coach can engage in a proactive relationship with their clients by providing essential feedback that can directly improve their health potential.
  6. Creating Groups with specific programs and membership for your clients is another exciting aspect that can be used to grow your practice exponentially.
  7. Generating Personal Reports will help you to track the progress of your clients and increase positive client outcomes, as well as track the efficiency of your practice.

Quantum University is offering the Exponential Health Coach Certification Program to prepare you to become certified as an EHC – Exponential Health Coach – certified by the American Association of Drugless Practitioners (AADP) or a BCHC – Board Certified Health Coach – certified by the American Naturopathic Medical Certification Board (ANMCB). In three to six months, you can become board-certified with liability insurance and ready to join Exponential Healthcare. 

Many students also pursue their doctorate degree in Integrative Medicine or Natural Medicine to add more credentials to their practice. (2) 

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