Noosphere Healing Chamber: Heal Yourself, Heal The World – Part II

Noosphere Healing Chamber: Heal Yourself, Heal The World – Part II

By Dr. Paul Drouin

Amplifying Intentional Healing: Integrating Vacuum Engineering with Collective Consciousness

The findings presented in our preceding blog implore us to ask the next question: if creating a virtual chamber for collective healing intentions aligns with the findings of Lynne McTaggart’s experiments, can we amplify the power of intention? Specifically, can we enhance the power of intention by coupling it with the power of quantum technology, Vacuum Engineering, a result of thirty years of research from Nassim Haramein?

Vacuum engineering could potentially enhance this experiment by introducing a new layer of quantum interaction. The quantum vacuum is considered the ground state of energy in the universe, and manipulating it could theoretically influence the energy fields associated with human consciousness and intention.

In the context of creating a virtual chamber experience, vacuum engineering could be used to create a unique energetic environment that amplifies the shared intention of “heal yourself, heal the world.” This could be achieved by designing a virtual chamber to interact with the quantum vacuum in a way that resonates with the participants’ collective intention.

For example, if the experiment is designed to produce specific energetic effects that align with the intention of healing, it could potentially enhance the participants’ focus on this intention and amplify its effects. This could lead to more profound personal healing experiences for the participants, as well as a stronger collective impact.

On a collective level, if shared intention is indeed capable of influencing physical reality, as suggested by the Global Consciousness Project and Lynne McTaggart’s work, then enhancing this intention with vacuum engineering could potentially lead to even more significant changes. (1)

Living systems are essentially open systems that maintain continuous exchanges of energy and information with quanta fluctuations in the biofield. When a system has enough negative entropy, it can maintain a higher organized state. This state of negative entropy related to the phenomenon of quantum coherence is associated with coherent biphotonic activity and linked to the extreme sensitivity of a living system to external input.

More importantly, the idea that living systems are trapped in linear fatalistic thinking where the law of thermodynamics is the inevitable driving force toward disease and death is now challenged by bi-photonically coherent modalities such as the power of intention and meditation. These practices can positively re-harmonize and extend life. Biological life is an open ecosystem entangled with subtle coherent energy, quantum fluctuations, that can be tapped into to heal and increase longevity.

Moreover, the use of vacuum engineering could add a tangible scientific component to the Project Noosphere healing experiment, potentially increasing participants’ engagement and further enhancing both the individual and collective impacts of the experiment.

Exploring the Existence and Potential of the Noosphere Healing Chamber

In the last eight years, has created a strong community of thousands of like-minded members from around the world who meditate and share the intention of “Heal Yourself, Heal the World.” Hundreds of people participate daily in the healing intention, forming the Collective Consciousness Accelerator ground for the “Noosphere Healing Chamber.”

Recently, the technology of Vacuum Engineering with the ARK Crystals 64-crystal cluster, arranged in an isotropic vector matrix representing a three-dimensional flower of life, has been integrated with the Collective Consciousness Accelerator of the Project Noosphere. (2)

What is the missing link here that could connect the power of intention with vacuum engineering? Microtubules could be the answer.

Microtubules are cylindrical polymers made of tubulin protein subunits found in the cytoskeleton of eukaryotic cells. In neurons, they are essential for maintaining cell shape, enabling transport along axons and dendrites, and contributing to the growth and guidance of neuronal processes. Nassim Harramein described them as antennas for receivers of consciousness information. (3)

Some theories, most notably the Orchestrated Objective Reduction (Orch OR) theory proposed by Roger Penrose and Stuart Hameroff, suggest that microtubules might be involved in the emergence of consciousness. These theories propose that quantum processes within microtubules could contribute to cognitive functions and the experience of consciousness. (4)

While mainstream scientific evidence linking microtubules directly to the power of intention is in research, the theory posits that microtubules could influence neural processing in a way that aligns with an individual’s intentions or thoughts, potentially impacting their health. The idea is that if microtubules are involved in the processing of thoughts and intentions, then focusing one’s intention positively could influence brain function, and subsequently overall health. This aligns with broader concepts in holistic and integrative medicine which emphasize the mind-body connection and the role of mental states in physical health.

In wrapping up our exploration, it is evident that the individual and collective power of intention combined with vacuum engineering provides a foundational understanding of quantum mechanics, which is essential when considering theories that link quantum processes to brain function and consciousness. These theories, even in their early stages, recognize that the direct connection between quantum mechanics, microtubules, and intention seems to blend ideas from quantum mechanics. Particularly those involving vacuum fluctuations or quantum field theory, with notions like non-local communication, which often refers to communication that surpasses the limitations of space and time, as postulated in quantum entanglement.

The Noosphere Healing Chamber is a promising concept for the world, suggesting that a kind and collective intention such as “Heal Yourself, Heal the World” may have a dramatic impact on increasing health coherence and longevity. The Noosphere Healing Chamber will be offered soon through the Exponential Healthcare Platform.

In our upcoming blog, we will explore the inner workings of the Healing Chamber and the transformative processes it facilitates in: Heal Yourself, Heal The World – Part III.’




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