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Quantum Health Coach (QHC) and Wellness Medicine: The fastest-growing market for a new career

Quantum Health Coach (QHC) and Wellness Medicine: The fastest-growing market for a new career

By Dr. Paul Drouin, M.D., Founder and President, Quantum University

The National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine recently reported that approximately 38 percent of adults in the United States are using some form of complementary or alternative medicine (CAM).

Many people today recognize the limitations of Western medicine. The pandemic in 2020 has revealed the importance of increasing our immunity and health potential.  People are seeking more options for improving their health. What used to be considered “alternative” is now becoming mainstream and sought after. Rates of chronic disease, obesity, stress, and anxiety are higher than ever before. People are stressed out, overwhelmed, and unhealthy. They are also living longer and seeking a greater quality of life as they age. There is an unprecedented interest in wellness.

Holistic health careers are in demand and can be very rewarding. People who aspire to a career that helps others and makes a difference in their lives are turning to holistic and integrative health. The growth in alternative medicine is not just an American phenomenon but a global one with projected market spending to soar to $196.87 Billion by the year 2025. (1) 

From 2013-2015, the Complementary & Alternative Medicine Industry pulled in $186.7 billion to $199 billion globally. (2) Nearly 30% of the American population seeks alternative medicine for treatment and prevention of a variety of disorders. (3) Another reason to consider joining the wellness industry: The Global Wellness Institute valued the field at $4.5 trillion in 2018, (4) and the interest in prevention and personalized healthcare keeps increasing. Health coaching is certainly the quickest path to starting your practice in this field, and the Quantum Health Coach (QHC) from QU (5) has the most advantages.

How the Quantum Health Coach (QHC) Has More Opportunities to Attract Clients.

I can understand the challenges for health and holistic practitioners to gain recognition and visibility and more in the vast and competitive field of Health Coaching. When I first came to America 20 years ago, unknown and with a difficult accent, aligning Quantum University (IQBNM at this time) with more than 15 other colleges or universities in natural or alternative medicine that were already established for many years, the task seemed impossible. I will share with you the most important strategies and secrets that I have been implementing to make Quantum University a world leader in natural and medical education that has already reached 11,000 students in 60 countries worldwide. And we already have hundreds of graduates that have created flourishing practices for themselves. (5) I did it by starting with only two clients at my first conference, so you can absolutely do it, too. 

  1. Quantum Health Coach (QHC): A New Generation of Coaching (Health Potential)

Most of your competition comes from conventional principles of coaching. The first generation of health coaches was based on communication skills and active listening. These principles are important to master, but they don’t differentiate you from the mass of coaches. The second generation added the elements of nutrition to their basic listening skills. However, the Quantum Health Coach goes far beyond this.

Years ago, when I looked at my competitors with respect, I saw that they were framing their teaching on what I called “old-fashioned naturopathy.”  In other words, it was much like conventional medicine, based on an outdated model of science.

The only way to deeply understand the concept of health potential is to add to your curriculum the last updates in neuroscience and quantum physics. What immediately differentiates a QHC from a conventional health coach is mastering the management of the health potential of your clients through specific tools, digital coaching, and specific apps that your competitors don’t have. 

2. Digital Coaching of Health Parameters 

A health coach is essentially a mirror of yourself that should guide you toward better health. But how can you scale health if you don’t have any tools to measure and feed back information? Active listening is very limited and rather esoteric, even if you assume that we have all the answers to our problems. Digital monitoring through smartphone technology is the key. It is possible to monitor what I call the Health Parameters that will guide you to your full health potentiality. QHC contains specific and critical information that determines the most important parameters to track to maintain Brain coherence (Meditation), Heart coherence (HRV), and optimal lifestyle. Quantum University has developed a proprietary app, ”Qoach,” to help the QHC to manage these parameters at a distance.  (6)  The next generation of health coaches will be offering the services of digital medicine.

3. Higher Credentials, More Clients, and Better Remuneration 

To be honest, branding may be important but without credentials, branding alone will not establish your practice on solid ground. Your clients will first look at your credentials when choosing who they will trust to guide them on the path toward optimal health from among all the coaches out there. If I hadn’t had credentials, the task of gaining recognition would have been impossible.

More education results in increased income, according to the US Census Bureau. (7) 

Another statistic shows the median salary for Coaches in different states. (8) 

But how do you get into this group of the highest salaried in the Health Coach Industry? The answer is obvious – your degree of competence matters. This is why it is so important to add a Doctorate and PhD in Doctorate In Natural or Integrative Medicine to your QHC qualifications. (10)

No Degree = Less Income: Rob Kelley, staff writer, explains the US Census Data:

  • “The survey found that adults 18 and older with a bachelor’s degree earned an average of $51,554 in 2004, compared to $28,645 for those with only a high school diploma.
  • Those with advanced degrees did even better, taking home an average of $78,093 a year.” (11)
  1. Humanitarian Coaching in the COVID Pandemic Time

During the Covid Pandemic, many of our QHCs offered free coaching to populations in need. This Humanitarian action is a positive and constructive strategy to build your clientele. Conferences and workshops were the traditional way to create a new clientele, but in the context of a pandemic, they are no longer feasible. 

  1. Tele-Medicine Coaching and Digital Smartphone Monitoring Is the Modern Way the Build a Clientele

Another signature of Quantum University is to be technologically a step ahead of the competition with iPad Education, Superlearning (Brain Tap), self-paced training, virtual reality classes (Qlassroom), 3-D online Summit to name a few. Being a Health Coach who is able, through a digital platform (Qoach), to monitor daily the health parameters of clients and send motivational messages to individuals and groups gives you an advantage over any of your competition. This process also facilitates following up with your clients instantaneously without the tedious task of calling them all.

  1. Building Your Website Is Having Your Office Online.

This is where you build your brand and recognition. Your website contains critical information about your qualifications and expertise. For a minimal cost, the Quantum University Alumni Association (QUAA) ( will provide you with marketing materials and guidance to build your site. The ability to communicate with other health coaches will also help to grow your presence online. You can find this benefit and many others on the QUAA 

  1. The Most Secure Environment to Launch and Build Your New Career Today.

After the COVID Pandemic, the world may never be the same. Quarantine and lockdowns have created insecurity and vulnerability in all markets. The winners that came out of this painful crisis were the industries or activities that could reach their clientele online.

Quantum Health Coaches (QHC) and Doctors of Natural and Integrative Medicine belong to these privileged groups.  Another important element that comes out of this dolorous adventure is that we cannot rely only on outside conventional sources to take care of our health. The doctor of the future will be a health doctor that pays attention to your health potential more than disease. The training to become this new type of doctor is already available at QHC with a PhD in Natural or Integrative Medicine.

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