In recent blogs, I wrote about the concept of the Noosphere as “the sphere of thought encircling the earth that has emerged through evolution as a consequence of the growth in complexity / consciousness,” and also of the urgency to manifest a collective healing presence worldwide. I also reflected on the ”Oath of Hippocrates,” asking the question: Why can’t we see how far modern medicine is from it’s original intention, resulting in a doomed healthcare system that has lost the sense of globalism and life.

We must realize that the present chaos we witness in the consciousness fields worldwide, identified as the Noosphere, could only be the result of the collective past and present thought–forms. This toxic atmosphere, reflected worldwide in the prevailing socio-political tensions, is not dissociated from the sum of all individual thought-forms generated by past and present generations and associated with the widespread ego identification with fear, anger, and revenge, to name just a few. Likewise in medicine, the thought-forms based on a decay-entropy model of healing are associated with a point of view based upon scientific materialism, dominated by the deeply-ingrained fear of disease and death.

We must reprogram the prevailing limited thinking in medicine to welcome a generative and limitless new model of healing. As I wrote in a recent blog, “…rewiring the collective and individual awareness is the real challenge.”

Since the quality and nature of the collective consciousness field results from individual thought-forms, change must begin with at least two of us: You and I.  A more accurate model of thinking based on the principles of quantum physics has been the initial spark in a process beginning as a ripple, then becoming waves and eventually a tsunami in the Noosphere, shifting the nature of our collective thought-form consciousness.

In the last decade, Quantum University, now on five continents with thousands of students in more than 50 countries, has been the Lighthouse that has also initiated the shift from a decay-entropy model of healing toward a re-defined model of medicine based on the premises of quantum physics in terms of full potentiality and creativity (Creative Integrative Medicine). This was a first ripple, The World Summit of Integrative Medicine, is the next wave. Be part of it – share with your friends the opportunity to participate and help change the collective consciousness field of the world – the Noosphere.