Bringing People Together – How Quantum University Changed Traditional Online Learning

Bringing People Together – How Quantum University Changed Traditional Online Learning

By Gilda Rada – Director of Education and Quality Control

Dr. Paul Drouin, an eminence in quantum physics and integrative medicine, once said, “What is missing in the world is the ability to bring people together in a deeper reality that brings us even closer.” He said this during one of his worldwide meditation summits, which served as the platform for Project Noosphere ( One cannot help but pause and think about Dr. Paul’s words, as he was right; people have an innate need to come together, create change, and revolutionize industries and systems.

One industry that was in direct need of change was the higher education industry– an industry that for years has tried to cater to the needs of adult learners, but in that effort found itself challenged by the events of recent years. One of these was COVID-19, an event that changed the way everyone adapted and understood the world around them. Nonetheless, Dr. Paul, a visionary in his own right, knew that this pandemic was just another stepping stone to help those that had been left behind, the adult learners. For example, the pandemic forced many “adult serving” universities and institutions of higher learning to rethink the way their programs catered to adult learners’ needs. Ironically, in scrambling to “modify” adult learning in the middle of a pandemic, all these institutions did was create traditional learning models, put them on an online platform, and presto….now they thought they had online learning programs!

In contrast, at Quantum University, Dr. Paul (President and Founder), as many endearingly call him, understood more than 20 years ago the basic principles of adult learning. First, any institution that calls itself an online adult serving institution must respect the adult learners’ experience, readiness to learn, motivation, and their need to apply concepts in their current career path (Moore, 2019). Quantum University does just that for our student population. For example, many of our students come from more than just one background. They represent 118 countries, each with their unique talents, professions, and attributes, that when paired with a curriculum designed to help them become career-ready in integrative medicine, they find themselves in the perfect environment for any adult learner to achieve a career path-changing experience.

Additionally, any adult-serving institution must have a team of individuals that understands the needs of its students and applies basic continued education principles to every interaction they have with them. At Quantum University, every department takes this adult-student interaction seriously, from our beloved Admissions Department, the ones that plant the seed of career growth, to our highly esteemed Mentors, whose active role is to guide already enrolled students in a career journey that can span from years of life-changing circumstances to ultimately achieving a Bachelors, Masters, Doctorate or Ph.D. degree. Yet, who can forget the Education Department, a group of people that aligns, assesses, and evaluates current integrative medicine trends to continue specializing Quantum University students for their next career journey. Yes, each department does it all with the greatest pride and joy one can’t find anywhere else within a finest group of people; they do this day in and day out, while crafting a unique educational journey with every student in mind.

Fast forward to 2022, Dr. Paul is not done! Just like he changed traditional online learning 20 years ago, today, he is changing the way we use telehealth in integrative medicine, and in the process, supporting lifelong learning again, but this time from the perspective of our graduates and alumni. Yes, Quantum University understands the needs of its alumni. These are growing professionals in their own right, whose clients continue to demand a higher level of interactivity 24/7, interactivity that can allow practitioner/client communication, while monitoring live-data progression from any part of the world. Yes, the EHC or Exponential Healthcare platform was exclusively created with our alumni and prospective graduates in mind, thus adding to the level of adult learning needs that once again makes Quantum University stand against the pack.

I was asked last week, “What excites you about Quantum University?” Where to begin? As an adult learner myself, I know what an adult learner should demand from an institution of higher learning. As the Director of Education and Quality Control for Quantum University, for the first time in my adult life, I can see the light at the end of the tunnel, a tunnel that for many was out of reach. However, thanks to Dr. Paul’s vision and a staff that works tirelessly to prepare the next generation of integrative medicine practitioners in the self-paced, online learning environment, this is a bright future no longer out of reach for millions of students that see Quantum University as the only path to a sustained career, profession, and continuous self-growth!

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(1) Moore, K., & Shemberger, M. (2019). Mass Communication Andragogy for Teaching Online Adult Learners. Teaching Journalism & Mass Communication, 9(1), 35-40.


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