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Mastering Singularity

Mastering Singularity

By Dr. Paul Drouin

“Biofield science is an emerging field of study that aims to provide a scientific foundation for understanding the complex homeodynamic regulation of living systems.” (1)

The nature of Consciousness as a field of information is offering a scientific foundation through quantum physics, to understand the fabric of the Biofield and its application in biology, genetics, prevention, and longevity. For centuries, we have been defined by a wrong perspective, that matter determines our genetic destiny and health. The outcome of this default construct has impacted all our society and particularly healthcare. The Biofield as a sole governing agency needs to be defined in the next decade as our approach to healing and anti-aging. Coupling Biofield technology to human consciousness has been explored by experiencing altered states of awareness through the ages, and more recently, through meditative experiences that open the field of perception of the pineal gland. Gamma brain waves appear to be the key to experiencing a broader spectrum of reality, generating more coherence and regenerative biological processes. Health coaching through digital monitoring of heart and brain coherence will be the primary agent of implementing these healing and preventive approaches in healthcare. 

When advanced technology (Vacuum Engineering) (2), is merged with the meditative experience of Singularity (Point Omega) collectively, a civilization will have reached a level of mastery in which they will have integrated their external world with their internal world. This will give the civilization the ability to manifest their own Vortex Vacuum from which massive amounts of energy and coherence can be extracted. From such a civilization will emerge a new perspective of the world, with immense resources of application in the field of healthcare. 

The exploration of inner world perception is related to the exploration of the Pineal Gland through the natural means of meditative experience. Crystal technology can play an important role in the future, in this regard. The terminology “transduction in the Brain” (2) by Dr Joe Dispenza has been coined to describe the piezoelectric effect in the brain when micro crystals in the pineal gland get activated. This meditative technique called Pro-Consciousness Meditation (PCM), complicated as it may appear, can be done by kids, is no more difficult to learn than biking, and consists of  a simple combination of breath and holding a crystal associated with a convergent coherence mantra. 

Combining the crystal technology associated with PCM and the Ark Crystal with the intent to experience Singularity and impact the Biofield presents new heights in the experience of altered states of consciousness. The quartz crystalline lattices of the Vogel cut wand can couple with oscillations of the quantum vacuum fluctuation engineered in the Ark Crystal, meaning they can affect each other and influence each other’s energetic movements. All reality is the result of the spin of the vacuum structure. Many of the meditations from recent or ancient traditions are a quest to experience the center of that spin, referred here as Singularity. This experience is crucial to comprehend on a metaphysical level, but more importantly at an experiential level. Viscerally experiencing the crossroads of your inner and outer reality is key to mastering Singularity. This has been described as a quantum leap, or state of Bliss, or perception of Luminous Light with a sense of infinite gratitude, or a deep state of stillness with limitless possibilities.  

The real game changer is the coupling of a powerful meditation technique to an advanced crystal technology (Ark Crystal – Vacuum Engineering), which has the capacity to access quantum fluctuations at “zero-point field”, where there is incredible energy. We must remember that biology had become understood from the perspective of a closed system: a system that is isolated and subjected to thermodynamic laws, which result in degeneration, oxidative disastrous effects, and consequent disease and death. Access to profound transcendent experience allows us to study our reality in its innate form: an open ecosystem, where the possibility to regenerate daily and expand life exists through subtle interconnections. We already have testimonies of slowing aging from ancient traditions, and  even now of individuals who have prolonged their life or look much younger than their chronological age. In the next decade, we will be assisting in the emergence and evolution of new technologies such as  gravity control and methods to habituate coherence and regeneration at the biological level. Mastering Singularity will be described as a revolution in the world of medicine. 

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