Quantum Medical Revolution Part 2

Quantum Revolution Part 2

By Dr. Paul Drouin

What does this mean for you and your Doctor?

In the last century, conventional medicine has unquestionably dominated the field of treating diseases. It has achieved widespread recognition and legitimacy through the establishment of professional medical boards. These boards have granted licensed medical professionals the authority to diagnose and treat patients using pharmaceuticals or surgical procedures. In contrast, any other approaches to treatment or healing have often been deemed nonscientific and disqualified.

While it is important to acknowledge that conventional medicine continues to play a central role in the healthcare system, providing treatments for a broad range of medical conditions evidence-based on an outdated model of science. As the landscape of medicine evolves, there is an increasing need for recognition of the value of integrating various approaches to healthcare, including complementary and alternative therapies. (1) A necessity to embrace a more complete scientific model of science inclusive of quantum physics and a larger scientific healing reality, in conjunction with conventional medical practices, to promote overall patient well-being. 

It is correct in pointing out that the concept of the “right to heal” has been overshadowed by the reliance on conventional medicine as the sole solution for health problems. The belief that pharmaceuticals and medical interventions can address all health issues has led to surging healthcare costs, making it unaffordable for many people. Moreover, this overemphasis on medical treatments has contributed to a concerning phenomenon known as iatrogenic harm, where medical interventions themselves become a significant cause of illness and death. (2)

The opioid crisis is a stark example of the consequences of over-reliance on certain medications, leading to thousands of patient deaths due to addiction and overdose. (3) Additionally, we can see in the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic the highlighted importance of maintaining a more holistic approach to healthcare, and considering the long-term effects of excluding a holistic approach to healthcare on both physical and mental health. (4)

Moving forward, it is crucial for the healthcare system to acknowledge and incorporate a broader range of healing modalities. This includes preventive measures, lifestyle modifications, and complementary and alternative therapies in addition to conventional medicine. By promoting a more client-centric and holistic approach to healthcare, we can better address individual needs, improve overall health outcomes, and create a more sustainable and affordable healthcare system for everyone.  

The Quantum Medical Revolution carries significant implications for individuals, whether they are clients, doctors, or healthcare professionals. It urges all healers to recognize the intricate interconnectedness of health and wellbeing. 

For clients, it means participating actively in their healing journey, considering a spectrum of approaches beyond conventional medicine. For doctors and healthcare practitioners, it demands embracing a paradigm that extends beyond the confines of symptoms, fostering a new era of personalized, quantum integrative care.

The true game changer here will not only be the transformation of the dynamics of therapy, but also the creation of an entirely new field of healing for modern medicine that encompasses the boundaries of treatment and disease. 

It’s time to venture into a new energetic territory, the realm of the biofield. In doing so, we are reinstating the right to heal for both clients and healthcare practitioners. Gone are the days of restrictive regulations that dismiss the boundless potential for healing within the biofield. This shift in perspective, moving from the material to an energy-based paradigm, encapsulates what we term as Pro Consciousness Medicine (5).

The biofield is the intricate web that connects our physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual facets. This interconnectedness signifies that healing should not be confined to the narrow boundaries of a symptom-oriented approach.

The shift from a materialistic and medically linear perspective to an energy-centric approach is not just a change in methodology but a revolution in understanding. Pro Consciousness Medicine marks the beginning of a journey where we honor the body’s innate wisdom and unlock the door to profound healing (6). As we continue to explore the depths of the biofield, we discover that the realm of energy is where true well-being and vitality flourish.




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