Tag: Holistic Medicine

Consciousness Acupuncture with Ark Crystal Technology

Discover the groundbreaking synergy as Vacuum Engineering (Ark Crystal) meets Consciousness Acupuncture. Coupling Biofield technology with human consciousness, a journey explored through altered states of awareness over millennia, takes a leap forward with the integration of Vacuum Engineering and Consciousness Acupuncture via the Omega Point Technique.

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Quantum Medical Revolution Part 2

In ‘Quantum Medical Revolution Part 2,’ Dr. Paul discusses the limitations of conventional medicine’s dominance, advocating for a more inclusive approach that integrates quantum integrative care and recognizes the interconnectedness of health. He highlights the risks of over-reliance on pharmaceuticals, as seen in the opioid crisis, and underscores the importance of a holistic approach, particularly evident post-COVID-19. The article introduces Pro Consciousness Medicine as a transformative shift towards energy-based healing, promoting overall well-being through embracing the biofield’s potential.

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Quantum Medical Revolution

This blog explores the revolution occurring in medicine as it embraces principles of quantum physics. It highlights pioneers like Dr. Amit Goswami who have integrated concepts like non-locality into healing. Quantum University’s Doctor of Holistic Health program is discussed as transforming the foundation of medicine by going beyond the conventional, materialistic model. The curriculum encompasses modalities like biofeedback, neuroplasticity, and subtle energy harnessing. Students learn to tap into the infinite healing potential of the quantum field. By joining this program, they can help shape the future of holistic healthcare.

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