Why Pro-Consciousness Medicine is Crucial to the Future of Healthcare

Why Pro-Consciousness Medicine is Crucial to the Future of Healthcare

By Dr. Paul Drouin

Being pro-conscious is a revolutionary process in which an individual experiences a more unified reality, a profound and refreshing experience of the world that will allow the next step of our evolution as we integrate opposing views within our society, as well as in medicine.

Plato, who made famous The Allegory of the Cave, perceived the shadows on the wall as reality. Today, we are emerging from our cave as we become more aware of the underlying field of consciousness that permeates everything. In fact, as a deeper experience of reality is revealed in quantum physics, Plato himself would probably applaud this deeper perspective. Today, in this critical time, we have the power to birth a new approach in healthcare, only if each one of us awakens to an approach towards medicine that focuses on expanding into the infinite power of healing within consciousness

In other words, pro-consciousness medicine is the merging of quantum physics with energy healing modalities, which heals the whole body by realizing and utilizing the power of consciousness. 

The following points define the vital benefits of Pro-Consciousness Medicine:

  1. Provides Access to all Possibilities of Healing through an Updated Model of Science

Pro-Consciousness Medicine initiated a new era in which we are pushing the frontiers of knowledge and expanding the scientific worldview of modern medicine. Established on the premise of quantum physics and neuroscience, Pro-Consciousness Medicine is no longer just a concept, but a reality. In fact, the world of medicine is now shifting the paradigm of healing, while inspiring doctors, nurses, and other healthcare and wellness practitioners across all disciplines to explore new avenues of healing outside the conventional path of pharmaceuticals or surgery. 

The new foundation of a medical curriculum based on the premise of quantum physics allows for a broader acceptance of ancient traditional medicine models and other modalities of healing, which cannot be explained by the outdated scientific model. Pro-Consciousness medicine is certainly the birthing of this infinite power within us all. 

Through consciousness as the fabric and ground of all reality, a model of healing manifests that can be perceived as downward causational, nonlinear, and multidimensional. This is opposite to the current upward causational, linear, and deterministic model. This change in perspective frees modern medicine from the limits of matter while expanding its frontiers to limitless possibilities. 

  1. Offers A Deeper and More Scientific Model of Human Anatomy Including Subtle Energy 

Missing from the picture is the reality of the unseen, which, according to quantum physics, includes more than 99 percent of what we have consciously perceived or acknowledged to date. The remainder (less than 1 percent) is matter and represents the layer of information that medical science deals with today.

Therefore, it is important to introduce a new model of education based on the premise of looking at reality from the point of view of quantum physics to the next generation of physicians, which opens infinite possibilities for healing. 

Emerging from a model of subtle anatomy that includes the notion of the scalar field, bio-photonic activities, morphogenetic fields, Bonghan circulation, quantum coherence, and consciousness, quantum physics has brought the concept of the biofield into medicine.

The idea is not to erase what we have already acquired through science and technology. Rather, it is to integrate this knowledge into a broader model of understanding and incorporate modalities of healing – which requires an acknowledgment of subtle energies that exist and cause effects beyond the linear model of biology, chemistry, and conventional physics.

  1. Restores the Power of Healing to the Individual

Throughout our society, communities are awakening to the idea that health is a precious capital, which must be taken care of by everyone. The right to heal oneself has been consigned to doctors and healthcare providers for too long. Today, people are realizing they have the power within to generate healing, instead of relying on the expectation of limited systems of medicine.

In fact, science has documented that when we practice daily meditation and visualization, we enhance our inner ability to change ourselves at the quantum level. Additionally, meditation opens the door to a new level of health and vitality by improving the functioning of our physiology through the resulting slower brainwave states and the release of multiple neurotransmitters associated with wellbeing and bliss.

A five-year study conducted by Harvard scientists revealed that meditation affects our DNA and brain activity. According to John Denninger, a psychiatrist at Harvard Medical School who led the study, there is a true biological effect that occurs through meditation. (1) In fact, when one meditates, these effects happen throughout the body, not just in the brain. Denninger’s research concluded that these mind and body techniques could have the power to switch genes linked to stress and immune function on and off. Simply stated, meditation alters our physiology in many positive ways, which, in turn, facilitates healing and enhances mental well-being. Science has also documented other ways in which we can enhance our inner abilities with meditation. (2, 3) 

  1. Furthers the Democratization of Medicine 

In the last decade and with the COVID-19 pandemic, the phenomena of Tele Virtual Medicine has given patients/clients greater access to their personal medical information. Additionally, it has reshaped the healing relationship toward more balance, where clients are more active and participative in the process of restoring their health, rather than passively relying on a disease-oriented healthcare system.

This new health awareness has been translated into a growing interest in exercise, choosing healthier food, and overall wellness. For example, compared to only 10 years ago, how many fitness centers, yoga classes, and meditation training centers are available to the community now? Due to this phenomenon, health coaches and nutritional consultants have created new industries. Today, the art of healing is not only in the hands of medical doctors, but also promoters of health, which include doctors of natural and integrative medicine, and exponential health coaches. (4) 

  1. Redefines Genetics not in Terms of Determinism and Fatality but in Terms of Being the Master of our Genetic Destiny

By adding the concepts of quantum physics to the field of biology, we realize that we can be the masters of our own health destiny. This means that your genetics does not rule your fate! You can choose to ‘reprogram’ your genes and prevent or heal disease in the body.

Recently, research in neuroscience has proven that we can shape our reality according to our thinking and emotion. Further, from the point of view of quantum biology, we are no longer victims of the determinism of our genes. Dr. Bruce Lipton (in Biology of Belief) (5) and Rupert Sheldrake (with the concept of the Morphogenetic Field) (6) have been pioneers in this field, while redefining the outdated model of evolution, thus challenging the fatalistic dogmas of Darwin’s theories. 

  1. Emphasizes Creativity in Medicine

Since the publication of Dr. Deepak Chopra’s book, Quantum Healing (7), many patients, doctors, and writers have added their testimonies to this phenomenon. Certainly, Dr. Amit Goswami, in his book, The Quantum Doctor (8), has contributed a major piece of the scientific foundation for an understanding of quantum healing with the added concept of Quantum Creativity. In fact, it was a priority to embed this critical information and more into a comprehensive curriculum and define Pro-Consciousness Medicine, thus pushing the frontier of a new model of healthcare education.

If you are involved in the study of natural or alternative medicine, or if you are a medical doctor or other healthcare professional facing the limits of conventional cures daily, would you not be curious about the spontaneous healing phenomena? Why is the art of healing not taught at medical schools as part of a curriculum for natural and integrative medicine? 

Creativity is the brand of America. The concepts of Creative Integrative Medicine taught by Quantum University bring to modern medicine a new vision of medicine based not only on the full potentiality of the individual but also on a redefined, more humanistic, and compassionate medicine.

What if I tell you today that the science for quantum healing is available and that this knowledge makes perfect sense according to the views of modern quantum physics? Not only that, but we can teach you a step-by-step approach to make these events more likely to occur. Who would not be interested in this knowledge! This understanding of the science of spontaneous healing is being taught through Pro-Consciousness Medicine in order to bring quantum insight into healing. 

  1. Opens the Field to Other Models of Healing Based on Quantum Physics

Hippocrates, who laid out the foundations of medicine, would also be pleased to see that much of what was lost through a century of dichotomous and linear materialist thinking is now resurfacing through quantum medicine, a more humanistic medicine that is closer to nature and the respect of life. What was lost in the evolution of medicine through time is the transcendent nature of Innate Intelligence that explains the source of healing. Life heals; consciousness heals; treatments allow and support healing but are not the primary cause of it

The repertoire of therapies will be expanded through the contributions of Pro-Consciousness Medicine to modern medicine, giving access to many traditions of healing and new technologies based on an updated model of science. Hospitals and clinics will be well-equipped with complementary care and competent healthcare practitioners trained in integrative medicine.

  1. Generates a New Understanding of the Patient-Client / Doctor-Practitioner Relationship

Entanglement is one of the major concepts in Quantum physics that applies to medicine. The implication of this concept of entanglement is enormous. It means that the usual perception that the doctor/practitioner should be dissociated from his patient/client in the process of gathering information and initiating therapies or counsel and not be involved in the process of healing is false. 

Both the doctor-practitioner and patient-client are entangled at a deeper level, like two biofields in a non-local way, and are both influencing the outcome of healing; their belief systems and emotional intelligence impact the process. In other words, your doctor who is anchored in a deterministic and fatalistic model of science, compared to a Holistic Doctor who relates with a more positive awareness of Health Potential, is an important determinant in your healing outcome.

  1. Enhances Preventive Medicine

“Nobody knows the price we are paying for an incomplete model of medical education.” 

In the crucial debate about healthcare, have we for one moment heard about or questioned the foundation upon which our medical education is based? How are healthcare practitioners trained and educated? Is there another way to look at healing? Is there another way of restoring health and providing a cure?

With the current renaissance in medical education, inspired by the concepts presented in my book, Creative Integrative Medicine (9), and the foundation of a new medical curriculum based on an updated model of the science of quantum physics (4), it is beyond the reach of linear thinking to predict how healthcare will be delivered in the next twenty years.

Preventive care will be shared with clients who are equipped with friendly technologies that can support a positive lifestyle and decrease traffic in the healthcare clinics. Going to the hospital will be the last resort after all other means of therapy have been exhausted—prevention and family clinics being first and second—except, of course, in the case of emergencies.

The evaluation of the client based on health parameters and supported by smartphone-digital technology will introduce a new concept of healthcare that I call “Exponential Healthcare,” supported by a wellness doctor that will coach with a focus on health, rather than disease.

True healing requires looking at the individual in terms of positive parameters that will guide the doctor in an approach that brings the individual to their optimal state of health. This also gives the doctor access to effective models of healing that have been excluded as unscientific by an outdated model of medical science.

  1. Reinforces Interconnectivity 

Nonetheless, another very important aspect of Pro-Consciousness Medicine is our interconnectivity. At a non-local level, we are all connected. The non-local nature of this principle is also translated into what Pierre Teilhard de Chardin described as the Noosphere, the collective consciousness that can be impacted by every one of us, through our thoughts and emotions.

Healing can be seen as an individual journey, but if we consider our interconnectivity, it is also a collective challenge. Projectnoosphere.com (10) has been initiated with this intention, “Heal Yourself, Heal the World.”

* * * * *


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