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What is Consciousness?

What is Consciousness?

By Dr. Paul Drouin

The nature of Consciousness is certainly the most fascinating question of all time. The early Greek philosophers were already well aware of the critical importance of this subject. The allegory of Plato’s cave describing the great Universe around us as a shadow show projected on the wall of the cave and we humans as shadow watchers is a close analogy of how quantum physics sees the world today.

Many other philosophers and scientists have added many epithets to qualify or describe the indiscernible nature of Consciousness, such as Ocean of Pure Potentiality, Pure Abstract Being, Fabric of Reality, Quantum Hologram, Self-Aware Consciousness, Pure Intelligence, Divine Matrix, Wave of Infinite Possibilities, All Possibilities Exist within Consciousness, and Consciousness is the Ground of All Being.

In the seventies, Fritjof Capra, in his book the Tao of Physics, described the parallels between modern physics and the mystics who were already familiar with the experience of the subtle nature of consciousness. In the last two decades, we have made enormous progress in our understanding of what some call the Fabric of the Universe or Consciousness, but why does it really matter for medicine?

It matters because, even with all the technological advances during the last century, medicine still doesn’t understand the full nature of life, neither the mind itself nor its relationship with the body. At best it provides a good dualistic, materialistic model of disease that addresses the symptomatology of the problem with an arsenal of therapeutic treatments that often cause side effects and iatrogenic disease. We still don’t have an answer for most psychosomatic or degenerative diseases and, consequently, healthcare has become unaffordable.

What are we missing?

We are holding an incomplete perspective of the human reality in our model of healing that excludes literally 1000 years of healing traditions that previously included the concept of subtle energy as prana, chi, vital force, and mana, to name but a few. Quantum physics is contributing to this deeper perspective of understanding the subtle nature of life, which is Consciousness, as a field of information that interconnects everything, resolving the dualistic and deterministic model of conventional medicine.

In my quest to understand the art of healing at age 18, after the death of my brother (at age 17), I began to study medicine and soon realized that I had to explore other paths as well to find real answers. This mission eventually brought me to Switzerland in the seventies, where there was already an interest in consciousness studies and quantum physics, with a group of young doctors who were researching consciousness. Hundreds of research papers had already been published on meditation and altered states of Consciousness and on the benefits of meditation on health.

This was an exciting time, but it’s even more exciting today at Quantum University with quantum physicists such as Dr. Amit Goswami, Dr. Yury Kronn, Nassim Haramein, and Gregg Braden (scientist, scholar, geologist) laying out the foundation of an extended and updated medical curriculum that includes concepts of consciousness and subtle energy.

Dr. Amit Goswami originally showed how the premises of quantum physics can bridge healing and consciousness together, establishing Consciousnesses as the ground of all being and resolving the mind / body dichotomy. Through ideas of non-locality, entanglement, and discontinuity, he totally redefined the therapeutic relationship between Healer and Healee and provided a scientific explanation of the phenomenon of spontaneous healing, previously described by Deepak Chopra.

This was a starting point, but something else was needed. How can we create healing substances by altering the subatomic world, interacting with the ultimate physical atom and slightly changing the “vortex” of this atom? Hahnemann couldn’t convince the scientific community through the mechanism of homeopathy, but Dr. Yury Kronn offered certainty through his research on heart rate variability demonstrating the action of subtle energy products on our physiology.

Since the quest to better understand consciousness never ends, Nassim Haramein has added materiality to the idea of the Quantum Field when challenging the double slit experiment. Even Einstein was uncomfortable in some way with the quantum weirdness inherent in quantum physics. However, Nassim, without disqualifying previous concepts of consciousness, has laid out the quantum mechanics that support it.

How can we explain the mechanics of the Field, non-locality, entanglement, and other fundamental ideas in quantum physics? Using Consciousness as a blanket for everything is in some way too easy. Higgs Particles and the Higgs Field were a starting point to bring back the concept of “Ether,” banished centuries ago from scientific language, but we were still missing the point. Yes, the obsession with the smallest particles is important, but what really matters is the space, the vacuum, that shapes the Field, as originally brought to our attention by Nassim Haramein.

We  now have an even more complete perspective where the proton, a mini black hole, becomes the cornerstone of this fabric of consciousness. This is huge; it even provides the basis of the Unified Field Theory, the dream of Einstein himself. (1, 2) These different points of view of various physicists may appear to contradict each other, but in some way they complete each other by providing a greater perspective, as our consciousness, the field of information that we are part of, becomes more aware of itself. Greater awareness should integrate different mind constructs, rather than being exclusive.

The same concept applies in medicine, as well as in society. Increasing consciousness through meditation is probably the solution to our cultural obsession to divide everything into a fixed set of perspectives.

Knowing about Consciousness is something… 

How you relate to It is everything.

The application of these fundamental models in quantum physics will be the next step.

Advanced homeopathic formulas have already been engineered based on the discoveries of the late Dr. Yury Kronn (3). On the template of the quantum mechanistic view of the bi-torus field of the proton (a mini black hole), coming from the research of Nassim Haramein, was elaborated in the Pro-Consciousness Meditation (4) (a technique of meditation combining crystals, breath, and a coherence mantra) and the Omega Technique (used in Consciousness Acupuncture). (5)

The new understanding that protons are a key mediator of non-local information can be taken advantage of to create the benefit of coherence in the biofield. This is the beginning of applying quantum physics research to the art of healing, opening the possibility to enhance healing with the tremendous energy generated by field fluctuations, modalities such as acupuncture and advanced homeopathy, and techniques of meditation to generate harmony and coherence.

Not only are we all interconnected, but we are constantly in a feedback loop with the whole universe becoming more aware of itself. Consciousness is a living awareness dynamic that is constantly evolving in a biofield loop, modeling through the in and out movement of this mini-holographic black hole. No longer separated, we are essentially in an open ecosystem entangled with the Field of the whole universe; even more, we are the Field., a global consciousness accelerator, was created six years ago based on this foundation of interconnectivity and the common intention: “Heal Yourself, Heal the World.” Aware of the power of the collective consciousness, scientific studies in the seventies support the statement that prayer and meditation can heal at a distance through nonlocal intention, and if we can reach a critical mass of 1%, we could shift collective negative and criminal behavior to a more peaceful state. (6, 7, 8, 9) Today 1000 people participate every day in this world-wide intention of coherence by joining to add more coherence to our chaotic world.

The understanding of Consciousness will continue evolving into the next decade. Quantum physicists and scientists will be refining our mind constructs around this subject that the mind definitively can’t grasp in its entirety because the mind itself needs to be transcended in order to dive into the experience of Consciousness.

Neuroscience, supported by brain mapping, has already clearly demonstrated the altered states of consciousness that occur when advanced meditators, monks, or mystics become one with the Field. The world needs more and more such meditators at this critical time to reset the coherence of the collective consciousness as we, as individuals, learn to access our infinite potential within and reclaim our health sovereignty. 

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