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Conscious Healing – Chapter 1: An Introduction to the Extraordinary Healings at Quantum University

Chapter 1: An Introduction to the Extraordinary Healings at Quantum University

By Dr. Paul Drouin

Since the beginning of Quantum University, among the many astonishing phenomena that I have observed are the testimonies of many students who have experienced extraordinary healings, doing this as they integrate the quantum holistic perspective of the updated curriculum taught at Quantum University.

In fact, the perspective of Quantum Medicine, revealed in the medical and natural healing curriculum studied at Quantum University, is radically revolutionary. As mentioned previously, this is done by shifting the view from an upward causation model in conventional healing, to a downward causation model of observation. In this view, matter is no longer the focus for restoring health, but rather Consciousness that is the ground of everything. (1) This new perspective of healing is defined as Pro-Consciousness Medicine, the merging of quantum physics with energy medicine to heal the whole body by realizing and utilizing the power of Consciousness. (2)

Moreover, the awakening of students as they progress in their consciousness studies is described as a revolutionary process in which the individual experiences a more unified reality, a profound and refreshing experience of the world that allows them to integrate a multidimensional model of healing, also coined “Conscious Healing.” (3)

Let’s now hear about these extraordinary healings, but before that, please keep in mind that the credit for these experiences belongs entirely to the courageous students who have opened themselves to the possibilities of healing within Consciousness. Truly, Quantum University has been the path that opened the access to these source of healing, but these students have been the valiant artisans of their healing by being proactive in this process, where Consciousness within and a new awareness of information and themselves are intertwined. (4)

For example, I was very touched when Quantum University Graduate Laura Luthy shared her story at her graduation in 2015, in which she described her three-year healing journey from kidney cancer, while at the same time completing her Bachelor’s degree in Holistic Health Sciences. (5)

More recently, George Farrah provided a must-hear testimony in which he reveals how he reversed his 3b (almost stage 4) cancer diagnosis. Even though he already knew a lot about health as a trainer for famous stars, he was able to piece together the puzzle that ultimately healed him during the three to four years of his studies at Quantum University. (6)

Another story included Sachiko Kubato, a student from Japan, who also described her healing experience when she raised her awareness, generating more gamma waves. She said, “I became Gamma… because of you and my quantum world… until finally last month, my doctor told me that the five tumors in my lungs are no longer growing and we need to follow up on only one tumor. Three years of our training, heart and mind… I became high gamma.” (4)

These are only a few of the cancer stories that I have witnessed at Quantum University. However, it is worth mentioning another noteworthy case. This is the story of Dea where the tumor literally fell off her armpit (see photo).

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After learning about these cases, now lets explore other extraordinary cases of “Conscious Healing.”

Dr. Maria Del Pilar Moza from Mexico was able to heal her autistic eight-year-old daughter. Even though Dr. Maria had a Master’s in Psychology, this knowledge had not been able to help with her daughter’s diagnosis. Nonetheless, through her PhD studies at Quantum University, she was able to connect the dots and combine different holistic approaches together for success. (7)

The next case is about Dr. Dawn Singleton from the Big Island, Hawai’i. Dr. Dawn dramatically rescued her brilliant 18-year-old daughter (with 6 scholarships) from brain trauma sustained during gymnastics that left her in a near-vegetative state. Through the courses Dr. Dawn studied at Quantum University, she found the courage and confidence to heal her daughter. (8)

Finally, Linabelle from Kansas City, Missouri, discovered through what she learned in her program at Quantum University that she was able to heal her husband from the many medical complications that had arisen from his pancreatitis. The initial word from his doctor’s diagnosis was that he “didn’t want to operate on a dead person.” Afterward, when Linabelle had been able to heal her husband, the doctor said, “It’s a miracle.” (9)

Indeed, something is missing today in modern medicine and in the healthcare system, which is evident in its reflection as an outcome. No one can deny that technologically we have achieved many scientific realizations, but we are still facing the unaffordability of the healthcare system, while it is also falling short of achieving the ultimate goal, which is optimal health. As I said previously, conventional medicine has to deepen its perspective from a linear model to a Consciousness model based on quantum physics.

“The tree of medicine must be transplanted into a new soil, where its roots can deepen and intertwine to reach a more complex source of healing knowledge and bring together all traditions of healing, ancient and modern.” (10)

Therefore, we cannot despair as there is hope, and we can find it through these extraordinary testimonies. In fact, a new Quantum Medicine culture is emerging where ‘impossible’ healing can arise when empowering knowledge, such as Pro-Consciousness Medicine, provides a holistic perspective that is able to connect all the dots together to manifest optimal health. (11)


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