Healing within Consciousness

Healing Within Consciousness

By Dr. Paul Drouin

Over the last 20 years, thousands of students from over 118 countries around the world have joined Quantum University’s degree programs, from Bachelor’s to PhD in Natural and Integrative Medicine.

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Many of them, of course, enrolled in order to join one of the fastest-growing fields in alternative holistic medicine – the Complementary and Alternative Medicines (CAM) market. (1) But many students from all backgrounds are also on a quest to heal themselves, family members, or friends. As I wrote in my book, Creative Integrative Medicine, what brought me to study medicine was the death of my young brother from osteosarcoma of the skull. (2)

The desire to heal yourself or others is written very deep in our subconscious since the origin of time. Healing, including its principles, was the original intention that Hippocrates, the Father of Medicine, had in mind at the origin of scientific medicine.

In the realm of conventional medicine, when doctors are short of answers or solutions to your health problems or fatal conditions, new avenues will be instinctively explored.

Since the beginning of Quantum University, I have received many testimonials of such healing phenomena. The credit for these experiences belongs entirely to these courageous students who have opened themselves to the possibilities of healing within consciousness. Quantum University has been the only path that opened access to this source of healing, which I call Pro-Consciousness Medicine. Today, I would specifically like to share the stories of two of these students with whom I have talked about their healing experiences.

Dr. Laura Luthy talked about her experience at her graduation in 2015:


(3) And Sachiko Pat Kubota, a student who is finalizing her thesis and will soon be graduating, wrote to me as follows:

“Dr. Paul, I am so happy to study at Quantum University. Thank you so much for being my teacher for the whole two years… and this is the result:”

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“I became Gamma… because of you and my quantum world…. until finally last month, my doctor told me that the 5 tumors in my lung are not growing and we need to follow up on only one tumor. Three years of our training, heart and mind… I became high gamma.” She also shared about her husband improving from Parkinson’s disease.

“Gamma brain waves are the fastest brain waves produced inside your brain. If a doctor were to put electrodes on your head and hook them up to a machine to graph the resulting electrical activity — a process known as an electroencephalogram (EEG) — the waves would be very high frequency.” (4)

“The gamma wave originates in the thalamus and moves from the back of the brain to the front and back again 40 times per second in a rapid “full sweep” action. This makes the gamma state one of peak mental and physical performance. Gamma is the brainwave state of being ‘in the zone.’

“Gamma brain waves are associated with the ’feeling of blessings’ reported by experienced meditators, such as monks and nuns. Gamma waves are associated with peak concentration and high levels of cognitive functioning.” (5)

Dr. Joe Dispenza reports that in his training, healing happens when the participants experience these states of high coherence (gamma waves). (6)

Sachiko also reveals in her testimony that by learning from Dr. Goswami and Dr. Dispenza and with the practice of Pro-Consciousness Meditation and Heartmath, she and her husband were able to reach this Gamma state very easily. (7)

At Quantum University, I always describe the process of learning as acquiring new information as well as experiencing the nature of consciousness by practicing transcending meditation techniques or creative arts – which allow the brain to access these high states of coherence and also support any healing strategy. This is what we refer to when we are talking about healing within consciousness, the Quantum leap, or infinite possibilities of healing.

This knowledge could be made accessible to everyone and taught as part of a medical or natural medicine school curriculum. Doctors and other healthcare providers could then pass on this information to their clients/patients to make them aware of how they can contribute to their own healing. This is one component of the training now being offered to healthcare professionals and wellness practitioners at Quantum University.

Students from all over the world, from many countries and different backgrounds, have enrolled in this exciting journey of learning the art of healing.


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