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Build an International Healthcare Career – Part 1

Build an International Healthcare Career Part 1 – by Dr. Paul Drouin

President and Founder of Quantum University

The International Quantum University for Integrative Medicine, known as Quantum University, has now been offering Health Education for 20 years. Hundreds of students have already graduated with a PhD in Integrative Medicine, Doctor of Natural Medicine, as well as a Quantum Health Coaches Certification(1).

January 2022 marks the integration of the new and innovative Exponential Healthcare platform (2) as an essential tool of TeleHealth Virtual Care, now allowing our students to practice anywhere in the World.

A healthcare system based on Health Potential, not disease, has no frontiers. Exponential Healthcare is the new way forward in which virtual medicine can redefine the practice of medicine without borders.

During the Covid Pandemic, the medical community shifted 50% of its services to a virtual platform. A current article from the AAFP, by Lalita Abhyankar, M.D., M.H.S, wrote: “Pleasantly Surprised: I’ve never imagined such an explosion in the use of technology. Within the past week, my hospital system went from zero telemedicine visits to performing at least 50% of daily outpatient visits via telemedicine, and now telemedicine is being considered for other uses, such as rounding in the hospital.” (4) Concurrently, 46% of clients or patients are now using telehealth to replace canceled in-person visits. (5)

In the next few years, through the fastest-growing field of telehealth, or virtual medicine (6), the practice of medicine will be radically transformed not only in terms of how we deliver health services but also regarding the types of services people will be seeking.

Figure 1. Market Summary – CAGR 20.5% (5)

1. The Democratization of Medicine.

Through easy access to their own personal medical data, clients or patients are no longer in a passive relationship with their doctor or holistic health practitioner. The time when the healee was kept in the dark about his/her medical condition has passed. Clients are now more proactive and critical about their choice of therapies, and the growth of the complementary and alternative medicine market is proof of this phenomenon. (7)

Figure 2: Global CAM Market, by Type (2014-2024) (7)

2. Transition from a ‘Disease Focus to ‘Health Potential’ Focus.

But how do we address the tremendous challenge of the management of healthcare as well as wellness medicine in our societies? On a per capita basis, health spending has increased over 31-fold in the last four decades, from $353 per person in 1970 to $11,582 in 2019. In constant 2019 dollars, the increase was about 6-fold, from $1,848 In 1970 to $11,582 in 2019. 

A healthcare approach based on disease has been proven unaffordable for either insurance companies or government healthcare systems. The only realistic path forward is prevention and the training of doctors and other healthcare providers in an integrative, holistic, health-oriented approach.

Quantum University continues to expand its integrative and natural medicine curriculum to address health, rather than disease. Without a full understanding of the reality of health potential, an effective approach to prevention is beyond the reach of a healthcare system that has long been intensively focused on a disease-related approach to medicine. Our current healthcare system has developed expertise in diagnosing and treating disease with pharmaceutics and surgery, rather than focusing on cultivating the health potential of individuals.

Scaling health is at the heart of preventive and constructive medicine. This is where digital technology fits in as a privileged tool for the future wellness doctor and the Exponential Health Coach, In other words, having a concrete strategy for reducing the risk factors associated with chronic disease by increasing the health potential of individuals will have the determinant effect of reducing the cost of healthcare and building a population that is highly resilient to various health challenges.   

3. Joining a New Generation of Doctors 

In the last 20 years, Quantum University has developed a new generation of doctors and coaches who are perfectly trained in this expertise. To expand the field of medicine from linear to multidimensional, from treating disease to growing health, it is necessary that the curriculum include dimensions of holistic, energetic, and digital medicine, as well as neuroscience. Unfortunately, conventional training in medicine, even in naturopathy, doesn’t integrate these basic elements.

4. Improving Lifestyle and Cultivating Healthier Habits. 

The last pandemic has demonstrated incontestably the importance of risk factors such as obesity and diabetes in the highest rate of death. Nobody is currently discussing the importance of preventing chronic disease through a healthier Lifestyle and nutritional habits. Integrating wellness doctors and health coaches trained in digital medicine into the healthcare team will be much more efficient than a conventional verbal approach without any measurable feedback. We need to be more creative and ingenious about reinventing effective healthcare that will improve the quality of life, which is an impossible mission with only medications and surgery. 

(To be continued.) The next blog will demonstrate that the roots of International Exponential Healthcare are already here. 

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