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The Bonghan Circulatory System As an Extension of the Meridians

The Bonghan Circulatory System as an Extension of the Meridians

By Dr. Paul Drouin

For many years, the meridians of classical acupuncture have been viewed as energy channels carrying some kind of esoteric chi energy, but now there is scientific research to shed light on what this phenomenon might actually be. Recent research shows that a newly recognized type of circulatory system known as the Bonghan system, also described as channels or optical fibers, may have some correspondence with these meridian channels.

One of the key concepts of quantum physics, the dualistic nature of matter as both wave and particle, can also be applied to the meridians. The nonlocal expression of the quantum mode of the meridians may be a system of communication that sends messages through photonic signals. This observation has been increasingly accepted by researchers due to the supporting perspective of quantum physics.

The Bonghan ducts can also be seen as local physical representations of the more subtle nonlocal (laser fiberoptic-like) channels located in the vital body. According to Bonghan, surveys reveal that these ducts may correspond, histologically and anatomically, to the meridians of the vital body. The most recent research has found that the meridians are not stuck to the skin but are a system of conductors where the liquid flows and that this liquid is used to form the stem cells. So, the conduits of Bonghan are related to energy activities involving the emission of light particles called biophotons. These ducts have quantum features that are being investigated by contemporary science, revealing a complex organic network involving matter, energy, and information and supporting the scientific necessity for a holistic subtle anatomy.

Integrative quantum medicine involves training to think in terms of multidimensionality and consciousness. From this point of view, the Bonghan circulation could be understood as the physical representation of a subtle and complex photonic network of communication. 


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