Pierre Teilhard de Chardin, paleontologist and geologist, French philosopher and Jesuit priest, developed the concept of Noosphere, which he described as “the sphere of thought encircling the earth that has emerged through evolution as a consequence of this growth in complexity / consciousness.”

The Internet in the last 20 years has revealed the astonishing extent of this new reality. Today, not only can information reach any corner of the world in an instant, for better or for worse, but new communities are born every second through the extensive social networks.

Knowledge is a driving force that has been a major factor in the evolution of any society. Civilizations are born and shaped through their innovative thinking and technology. Unfortunately some have also disappeared due to their mistaken ideas and wrongdoing.

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Thinking Outside the Box in Medicine
Recently in one on my Facebook posts about Quantum Entanglement, where I said that “The Doctor/Patient and Practitioner/Client relationship will be redefined in terms of entanglement, no longer based on the idea of separateness and the illusion of a false scientific objectivity,” I received the comment, “Who cares.”

The new perspective revealed by the scientific principles of quantum physics concerning how we relate with reality will have major consequences for the future of health care. The principle of entanglement is obviously very important.

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Meet Dr. Paul
Dr. Paul is a medical doctor with more than twenty years’ experience in private practice as a family doctor who believed our current model of health care was missing something.

Dr. Paul has devoted more than thirty years to the exploration of both traditional and alternative methods of healing. He is a pioneer in his field, practicing and researching innovative methods of evaluation as a way to integrate consciousness into the new model of Quantum Medicine.

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