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Saying Goodbye to the Hippocratic Oath – Has the Medical Field Lost Its Way?

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Saying Goodbye to the Hippocratic Oath… has the Medical Field Lost its Way? 

By Dr. Paul Drouin

Back in August 2015, I wrote a blog post about the Oath of Hippocrates saying that

Medical universities should either totally abandon the tradition of repeating the Hippocratic Oath at graduation, meaningless in the context of what conventional medicine represents today, defined in the previous century by choices aligned with a materialist model of science and an incomplete understanding of the human reality, or honor the spirit of this legendary tradition…”

Recently, I came across an article by Melissa Bailey called So long, Hippocrates. Medical Students Choose Their Own Oaths outlining how new medical students are choosing to write their own Oaths and bypass the Hippocrates original until there is almost no resemblance left.

Having every medical student writing their own oath or medical universities offering new versions may seem forward thinking, but it reflects a much more profound issue.

It seems that modern medicine has lost its internal compass in its pursuit of healing, guided by a materialistic linear model of science that is not in touch with life anymore.

It looks like a medical version of the “Tower of Babel” where internal communication is now in total confusion.

Pro-Consciousness medicine, as discussed in this article, could be new ground to establish a deeper comprehension of the intention of healing and reconnect through a more profound holistic vision of the model of restoring health.

We must travel in time to the origin of medicine to know about the original intention of healing and the “Oath of Hippocrates.” The original oath is as follows:

  • Primum non nocere, meaning first do no harm, translated as “I will neither administer poison to anyone when asked, nor will I counsel anyone to do so.”
  • Absolute respect for life: “Moreover, I will give no sort of medicine to any pregnant woman with a view to destroy the child.”
  • Importance of right food: “I will devise and order for them the best diet, according to my judgment and means,” popularized by the famous quote, “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.”

Looking at the history of medicine, this core intention to heal has brought medicine from an age of ignorance to a time where science has begun to understand the mechanics and biology of a human being.

Without the courage of some scientists and doctors like Galen, Mondino de Luzzi, Leonardo da Vinci, and Vesalius who defied the moral and social rules of their era, we would not have the science of human anatomy today.

Through centuries of labor, the testimony of many doctors and nurses has demonstrated an authentic expression of caring called: “Medicine Care.”

Many pioneers in the field of healing devoted their lives and made a difference, such as:

  • Florence Nightingale (1820–1910) – founder of modern nursing preventing disease through sanitation
  • Robert Koch (1843–1910) – treatment of tuberculosis and cholera
  • Joseph Lister (1827–1912) – principle of cleanliness in surgery
  • Louis Pasteur (1822–1895) – a French chemist and one of the founders of microbiology
  • Elizabeth Blackwell 182–1910) – the first female doctor in the United States, founded medical schools and supported women in medicine
  • Frederick Banting (1891–1941)  doctor and scientist who discovered insulin, which is used to treat diabetes
  • Alexander Fleming (1881–1955) a Scottish biologist and pharmacologist, famous for his discovery of the antibiotic penicillin

An encyclopedia could be written about the genuine healing intentions of these men and women who devoted their lives to learning how to restore health and alleviate the suffering of others.

As I write these words, I am humbled and awed by such great achievements. We are in debt to them for the advancement of today’s modern medicine and the refinement of our technology to cure diseases.

However, we must recognize that today’s healthcare system, which is the outcome of a materialist linear model of curing, is in crisis and needs intervention. The medical society must take responsibility for the current mess we face. They must choose to realign with the original mission of Hippocrates and seek out a sustainable wellness-based model of medicine that uses preventative care to treat others.

The result will not only be a better way to deliver health care to everyone based on a deeper understanding of the complete human – body, mind, and consciousness – but also a way to solve the current financial crisis in health care as well as conventional medicine itself.

Today, we are seeing a profound dissociation between modern medicine and the intention of its founder, Hippocrates, who defined medicine as a humanitarian art.

Hippocrates addressed the globalism of the individual:

I will remember that I do not treat a fever chart, a cancerous growth, but a sick human being whose illness may affect the person’s family and economic stability,

and the importance of prevention:

I will prevent disease whenever I can, for prevention is preferable to cure.” (Source)

Why can’t today’s medical professionals and scientists see how far modern medicine has strayed from improving life and the overall health and well-being in its patients?

We face a doomed healthcare system that has lost the sense of holism and the value of life while continuously generating higher costs in a dichotomous, fatalistic vision of the human being based on symptomatic and disease-oriented approaches.

Let’s take a moment to reflect on what human and financial resources are perpetuating in the current models of medicine. We need to understand the underlying cause of the problems within our healthcare system, or we will find ourselves confined within the same patterns that brought us into this critical situation.

This reflection can’t avoid challenging the foundation of the “teachings” in medical universities, since the answers reside in how we practice medicine today. The same way the pioneers of medicine brought us from an age of ignorance into a scientific age, today we must transcend the current scientific model to reach a deeper understanding of human reality based on new discoveries in quantum physics, neuroscience, neurocardiology, and quantum biology.

Today, science is opening up new avenues of understanding. It is critical that we include the knowledge of subtle energy medicine to address optimum health and well-being in our medical curriculum.

This requires a collegiality among researchers and scientists who have the vision and audacity to shake the foundation of western medicine dogma and lead the way to a new healthcare system.

Now is the time for a new generation of medical professionals to bring this knowledge to their patients.

Quantum University is a place where medical professionals can enhance their traditional medical education with these new discoveries. The curriculum encompasses all concepts of Pro-Consciousness Medicine, a reinvention of Integrative Medicine that has a greater awareness of human potential and the infinite possibilities of healing based on consciousness.

It is time to acknowledge our fatalistic current model of human biology where we are assumed to be controlled by our genes and instead be empowered by the science that proves we can be the masters of our own health! The knowledge of the subtle energy body and its effect on the human body must be added to the current model and teachings of human anatomy.

We need to reinvent the relationship between client and practitioner and realize that each patient can participate in their own healing. We need to redesign the model of patient evaluation and broaden healing modalities based on these new scientific discoveries that understand quantum entanglement and the field of consciousness. This will restore the balance between the doctor and patient, empowering the patient to learn and understand the role they play in their own healing instead of just treating the symptoms they are experiencing.

Without redefining the foundation of medicine on a multidimensional model of healing, including the premises of Quantum physics, as we have done at Quantum University, we can’t expect to have a common ground to re-write the Oath of Hippocrates in resonance with life and the original intention of its founder.

Pro-Consciousness Medicine will implement an integrative vision that transforms medicine into something better and greater through a deeper understanding of the role human consciousness plays in the human body and overall health and well-being.


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