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Ancient Greece and Pro-Consciousness Medicine

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Recently I was invited to a conference in Athens to speak on Pro-Consciousness Medicine. Since I was in Greece, I had the opportunity to visit the mystical island of Santorini in preparation for the Noosphere meditation (held on October 22) that gathered thousands of meditators online.


While preparing for the Noosphere Project, I also visited the legendary Acropolis. So many thoughts crossed my mind as I walked through that majestic site. First, I went through the ancient steep-sloped theaters, where I could imagine the first expressions of the artistic life more than 2000 years ago, with music concerts and theater. Greece is known as the historic wellspring of art and philosophy, and to be on the site where this effervescence of consciousness found its expression was impressive.

But even while my mind was being uplifted, the ruins surrounding me were silent witnesses to something that has been lost.
As I ascended the summit of the Acropolis, the site of the famous Parthenon dedicated to Athena, also known as the temple of the democracy, I wished I could have been present to understand what inspired the will of a people to build such a splendid site at a time where the Athenian Empire was at the peak of its power and influence.
When a civilization reaches its pinnacle of awareness, history has shown that in its exaltation, there is always the risk that the premises that carried its ascension will be forgotten.
When we start to reflect on ancient Greece, we first recall its original philosophers such as Plato, Socrates, Aristotle, and the father of medicine, Hippocrates, to name a few. How exciting this time must have been when a new awareness of thinking was emerging, also expressed in the art and literature.
And at the same time, I couldn’t help but think about our own epoch, where a new pro-consciousness culture is emerging at a time when our western materialistic civilization is undergoing profound transformation in many aspects of society.

As I described in a previous blog:
Being pro-conscious is a revolutionary process in which an individual experiences a more unified reality, a profound and refreshing experience of the world that will allow the next step of our evolution as we integrate opposing views in our society. Plato, who made famous the allegory of being in a cave and perceiving the shadows on the wall as reality, would probably agree that today, as a deeper experience of reality is revealed by quantum physics, we are emerging from our cave as we become aware of the underlying field of consciousness that permeates everything.
Hippocrates, who laid out the foundations of medicine, would also be pleased to see that much of what was lost through a century of dichotomistic and linear materialist thinking is now resurfacing through quantum medicine, a more humanistic medicine that is closer to nature and the interconnection of individuals.
I can’t really describe what is lost in the birth or the extinction of a civilization. Is it a sparkle of Intelligence that enlightens our reality through a window of understanding that suddenly fades because we lose the perspective of our insight? The same questions can also apply to the history of a nation or any enterprise in relation with its founders.
What I can say is in the field medicine, quantum integrative medicine appears to be a leader in this pro-consciousness culture, redefining the premises of natural medicine and medical education.


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