Thinking Outside the Box in Medicine

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Recently in one on my Facebook posts about Quantum Entanglement, where I said that “The Doctor/Patient and Practitioner/Client relationship will be redefined in terms of entanglement, no longer based on the idea of separateness and the illusion of a false scientific objectivity,” I received the comment, “Who cares.”

The new perspective revealed by the scientific principles of quantum physics concerning how we relate with reality will have major consequences for the future of health care. The principle of entanglement is obviously very important.

As a medical doctor, trained in an outdated Western medical model of science, I know from my own experience the significance of the premise that for a doctor to be considered objective, he must separate himself from his patient and ignore any subjectivity in the therapeutic relationship.

I will ask here an honest question: Who would be your choice of a doctor if you were caught with a serious health problem where Western medicine can offer you only treatments limited to pharmaceuticals or surgery?

Would you choose a conventional Western doctor trained in a model of science that dissociates him from the outcome of his therapies by a deterministic point of view that relieving your symptoms is usually the best that can be expected?

Or would you prefer to choose a doctor who has been trained in the understanding that in reality he is entangled with his client and who considers that everything is possible, even spontaneous healing?

Wouldn’t you agree that how your doctor thinks is directly linked to the possibility of achieving a positive outcome regarding your health concerns? According to quantum physics, it is a scientific fact that the expectations of the observer have a direct effect on the outcome of an experiment.

This is only one of the many factors and related consequences in the equation of an incomplete medical education.

Thinking outside the box is what Creative Integrative Medicine is about.

Who will not care to choose a Creative Integrative Doctor for their own health concerns?


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