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Quantum Medicine: A Time for Quantum Positive Psychology

Quantum Medicine: A Time for Quantum Positive Psychology  

By Dr. Patrick K. Porter

What if I told you that one of the biggest quantum shifts in psychology came after the Second World War when the daughter of renowned psychologist, Martin Seligman, dropped some wisdom on her father. 

From the Mouths of Babes

The story goes that Seligman’s daughter, who was five at the time, had been trying to get her father’s attention when he turned around and snapped at her. Unhappy with this response, his daughter asked him whether or not he remembered how she used to whine when she was three and four?

She told him that when she turned five, she decided to stop.  And if she was able to stop whining, then he was able to stop being a grouch! 

Ouch! I always loved it during family vacations when my children would remind me to not let someone or something anger me.  I called that, giving them my emotional remote control. Like Seligman, I was profoundly changed. 

The Quantum Wave

I realized then that when we treat one member of the family a certain way, we are treating everyone in the family that way.  In Seligman’s case, it changed the way he looked at his clients from that day forward, and thus began what is referred to in psychology as the Fourth Wave.  The previous waves were:  The First Wave:  The Disease Model.  The Second Wave:  Behaviorism.  The Third Wave:  Humanistic Psychology.  These four waves are considered breakthroughs for their time in the world of psychology.

Later, in 1841, James Braid coined the term hypnotism.  Confusion surrounded this technology, but it was still transforming lives in the community and started what I believe is the Fifth Wave, or the Quantum Wave.  Like any new or out-of-the-box idea, it starts with the renegades and free thinkers who are no longer satisfied with the status quo. Proven in the real world to create the results people are looking for, hypnosis has stood the test of time and is now considered a placeholder in the field of positive psychology, although I would argue hypnosis in the quantum field manifested as positive psychology so that mass consciousness would accept it.

Here at Quantum University, we have developed a methodology that works with the quantum field and includes a more complete way of thinking about a client. When Dr. Paul Drouin and Alexi Drouin started Quantum University, I believe they activated a higher order of clinical psychology. It is impossible to treat a person’s mental state without treating their physical, emotional, and spiritual lives as well. 

When we utilize hypnosis and NLP, we have a technology that transforms us from the inside out. In fact, science is proving that the words we choose can change the physiology in 2300 gene expressions. It also activates a higher order of psychoimmunology, which is the relationship between your psychology or your thinking, and your immunity, which we basically look at as gut health. 

Tradition Meets Technology

Now, with the new breakthroughs in neuroscience and the use of the Quantum Super Learning Advantage program, you can learn to merge ancient traditions with modern technology. In our newly updated courses, you’ll learn the newest science of neuro-technology, in combination with the traditions of hypnotherapy and NLP, to bring you, the quantum practitioner, the very best of the best in utilizing brain-based medicine in your future practice. 

When you think of hypnotherapy or NLP, you need to start thinking about the presuppositions of change and of healing. If we’re mechanistic, which means we’re just the body, and we change that based on the quantum field, then all we need to do is change a quantum here and a quantum there, and the person is changed and transformed holistically. 

The reality is, the quantum field is information and is in a constant state of flux. Since our bodies are made up of 99.999% space, we need to think about therapies that work between the cells and enhance that communication, which is the informational system or what sciences calls our genes. That’s where hypnosis and NLP come into play. 

Transforming Lives

When we think about the systems of thought and how they transform our body, information flows from the moment we wake in the morning to the time we go to sleep at night.  It also influences our dreams. This flow of life brings us the new behaviors, attitudes, and beliefs that we need in the days, weeks, and months to follow. In my new courses, I’m working to train you on how to ask the right questions to evoke the right responses.  This allows a person to use their own quantum computer, the human brain, to transform their lives by using techniques that are found in my book, Discover the Language of the Mind

These patterns have helped literally millions of people over the years to transform their lives.  The key is understanding the concept that we are not the body.  We are not the mind.  We are the quantum programmers of both sets in a space between the mind and body as consciousness.    

By making these conscious choices, you can allow the subconscious mind to transform you from the inside out. Science has proved once and for all that we are all light beings. Yes, you read that correctly. This theory is no longer considered metaphysical nonsense. The thoughts you think, the food you consume, even the people you spend time with affect your gene expression in ways you can’t even imagine. 

You and your clients are part of a living, changing universe that operates even on the physical level with the interplay of light, sound, and vibration. In these courses, we will dive deeper into what it means to change and how these biophotons are the first quantum action to activate our highest genetic potential.

When you’re armed with the right information, you’re able to ask the right questions.  Then you can pull out of an individual the information they most need to learn. When we think of the word educate, which means to draw out of, we’re not transforming them from the outside in.  We’re transforming them from the inside out.  It has been said that life starts when an egg breaks from the inside and dies when it breaks from the outside.  Hypnosis and NLP are tools that allow an individual to take a personal inventory of their skills, resources, and abilities.  Through the 11 core techniques taught in these courses, you will learn to transform your clients from victims to champions at the game of life.

Through these courses, you will learn the latest information available today in neuroscience to transform a client’s thinking to create a new result.  You will teach clients to transform their lives from the very first day and be able to continue that transformation throughout the rest of their lives.  

The Whole Being

It is my hope for each of you, as quantum practitioners, that you understand that even though we’re energy practitioners we must look at the body as a whole being–Mind, Body and Spirit. Think of the mind as a medium in which we can encourage these systems to work together as one as we work on the conscious everyday reality of pain and suffering, whether it be their weight, the capacity to stop smoking, or even to learn more efficiently.  The mind plays a role in all of this because what the mind can conceive and believe, the body is destined to achieve. 

With the new processes available at Quantum University, I’ve designed these courses to teach anyone to use a technique that can change the lives of their clients in ways that they weren’t able to do in the past despite their best efforts.  Success leaves clues. and you will benefit from the success I have found running the world’s largest hypnosis franchise as I give you the best tools and techniques that I’ve found work for the majority of people.

Putting It All Together

When the founders of NLP, Richard Bandler and John Grinder, decided in the late 70s to put together a series of techniques called Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), they took the best from the minds of therapists, social workers, and thought leaders of the day and created a series of functional techniques that allow anyone to transform the life of a client by following their step-by-step process.  Throughout the coursework, you’ll learn where the hype stops and where client success starts.

What we will call the Fifth Wave of Psychology is the Quantum Wave. Each process in the course is designed to first train you, then train you how to teach your clients they are not a body or a behavior.  By taking these techniques and dissociating them from all the fear, the frustration, and the anxiety that caused them problems in the first place and then helping them to create a sequence of new thoughts, ideas, and concepts, you will allow them to unleash their quantum consciousness, the creative force that will allow them to see and implement a solution to any problem. When new problems arise, as they often do, they’ll have the tools in place to think of alternate solutions.  

The Quantum Wave is about stepping into the void–the gap between what’s been and what will be–in that therapy space and deciding what you’re going to create through your thoughts, actions, and core beliefs. It is my opinion that to practice in a quantum way, we have to take into account all aspects of the individual from the mind and the thoughts that they think, to the foods that they consume, to the education that they take part in. Once you understand that, you can start to use these techniques with attainable results.  

Change the Brain, Change Your Life

As science progresses, we now know that neuroplasticity happens with each new thought.  As the brain begins to fire and wire around these new concepts and beliefs, change happens within one individual.  That change transforms the lives of everyone in their world, and it influences every person they know. Therefore, each person plays their part in transforming the planet by the changes they create in their own thinking processes. 

We know that when we down-regulate the sympathetic system and up-regulate the parasympathetic system, the body and mind work harmoniously. The cells communicate more efficiently. The systems are organized and function more as a unit, and the body creates health, happiness, and an awareness of the environment. 

As you master the art and science of hypnosis and NLP, you will notice command of the language that allows you to not only help the clients that you see in your practice, but also helps you to manage your own internal state. 

The Challenge

Being a quantum practitioner at times can be trying. Often it seems as if the world is fighting against a change that is so easy and so natural. It has been said that spirit is simple but man is complex.  Hypnosis and NLP are simple processes that create complex change.  The subconscious mind applies the knowledge in a way that it begins to change a person from the inside out, changing them from a victim to a victor, allowing people to experience at the “other-than-conscious” level whatever is most necessary to activate to utilize their own superpower. 

Within the Quantum Super Learning Advantage Program, you know by experience that you learn better when your brain is in a state of alpha and theta. This is called hypermnesia. This state of hypermnesia allows you to recall information in perfect recall. It’s in the state of hypermnesia that your brain hears a message once but can apply it in many different places, whether that’s to teach you ways to calm down, or to put the future into perspective, or to remember the last class lecture that you listened to.  Your unconscious knows exactly how to learn, once you provide a time and space to do it. 

With the new way we use hypnosis and NLP in the Quantum Super Learning Advantage, you can reinforce this and not worry about if an individual is totally relaxed or even hypnotized. These are all optional experiences.  All a person needs to be is in a brainwave state of alpha and theta to have the same physiological effects of hypnosis.  This is what causes the change to happen because we make changes at the unconscious level, and the unconscious feeds the change back into the conscious, everyday reality of the client.   

Our research at BrainTap is demonstrating that creating a change can be verifiable.  Our current healthcare system is missing the necessary ingredient of positive thinking, positive psychology, and the ability to transform the past by reframing it in a way that supports the whole person currently. 

Let’s be realistic. Change can be hard, but with the quantum tools and techniques that you have at your disposal, you, as a practitioner, can make it enjoyable. Whether your child points out that you’re grouchy, or you have been freely giving others your emotional remote control, change can be part of your journey.  With quantum hypnosis and NLP, you can transform your life from the inside out and give that gift to your future clients. 



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