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Quantum Creativity (Part 4) Manifestation

Quantum Creativity Part 4: Manifestation

By Dr. Paul Drouin

After a creative spontaneous event, an awakening occurs that is associated with a profound transformation of awareness and a revolution at the physiological level, such as a genetic shift or even the formation of new brain circuits.

This awakening is at the core of emerging sciences known as neuroplasticity and epigenetics. Dr. Joe Dispenza addresses this issue of behavioral changes in his best-selling books, Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself (2012), Evolve Your Brain (2007), and Supernatural (2017). Dr. Bruce Lipton, well-known author of The Biology of Belief (2016), reveals that we are masters of our genetic destiny.

Manifestation is probably the most important phase of Quantum Creativity, in which healing is fully established. The awakening (aha moment) is sometimes so powerful that quite literally a miracle can happen overnight. But most often this awakening needs to be rooted at the level of the physical body.

Based on empirical evidence, I propose that it takes 21 days for definitive healing to be established. During this critical time, the training and skill of the practitioner or doctor is of vital importance and requires careful anchoring strategies. Quantum University provides important information in neurolinguistic programming (NLP), autohypnosis, visualization, and mediation that should be adapted to each individual’s specific needs during this transitional period.

Mind-based medicine is yet another way to describe this large field of interest, and without question, It should be taught to the modern doctor.

The step of manifestation focuses even more on the client/patient taking an active role, meaning that along with the process, the new awareness produced by a sudden or progressive awakening will bring changes in habits of all types—from thinking to eating. This is often the painful part of the equation. Who wants to listen to it?

In the midst of my medical practice in Canada, I was exposed to all types of desperate situations and sometimes had to weigh in on how motivated the individual was to accept new habits of behavior. I would ask, “Have you had enough of this problem? Are you ready to let go of anything to see this situation disappear?” 

Surprisingly, the answer was not always affirmative. I realized that we usually would prefer to have it both ways or even die rather than let go of deep-rooted emotions. I also discovered that more advanced strategies were necessary to support the client moving toward personal growth. The old-fashioned way, where the doctor tries to shake up their client, has not worked for a long time.

Colleges of natural medicine and medical universities must embrace the knowledge brought forth by quantum physics, which reveals that beyond matter is a fundamental and transcendent reality of infinite possibilities that can be manifested through this creative process. The modern doctor, as well as any individual motivated to reach their full potential, should be educated and trained in how to tackle this spontaneous power of healing within. 

The medicine of the future will be able to acknowledge, through science and technology, the ability to tap into the infinite possibilities brought forth through quantum medicine.

SheQuest by Estelle Thompson, featuring Dr. Paul Drouin

Recently I was interviewed on a podcast – SheQuest by Estelle Thomson (artist, yoga teacher, Psy M, and my daughter). Listen to the full podcast below:


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