Light Circulation System

Light Circulation System

By Dr. Paul Drouin

According to Hurtak (1994), this network of light is related to a fifth circulatory system of a more subtle nature, related to quantum and subquantum processes. Quantum Biology, Biophysics, and Wave Genetics are also bringing important information about the existence of a multidimensional energy matrix that interpenetrates the human biological body. This multidimensional energy matrix, a hyperfield, organizes the subatomic, atomic, molecular, cellular, and organic processes through varied subtle energetic interactions that may be classical, non-classical, and quantum (Glein, 1998). In fact, all these fields are expressions other than light.

Non-classical and quantum fields are also associated with more subtle energies. Tiller (1997) associates the non-classical field with negative time-space which is magnetoelectric, unlike the electromagnetic field related to positive space-time. These non-classical (as well as quantum) Holistic Anatomy and Physiology 2 fields can communicate at speeds higher than light through non-local and instantaneous connections.

According to Gariaev (1994), the body is a quantum biocomputer with the capacity to process different information simultaneously, both holographic and nonlocal. This information may be associated with classical, non-classical, and quantum fields. DNA plays a central role in this process of quantum biocomputation, since it is able to read and process the different information associated with classical, non-classical, and quantum fields, or the multidimensional energy matrix. According to Detela (1997), the biofield web is constructed by field lines that intertwine like a twisted rope or helix. This may explain why DNA is so sensitive to the toroidal fields of energy. This phenomenon is known as morphic resonance. Within this hyperfield, the more subtle energetic and informative dynamics occur in holographic, nonlocal, and coherent (non-classical, quantum, and ultra-quantum) fields affecting the denser levels, such as classical electromagnetic fields and biochemical processes, through the chakras and meridians.

Hurtak (2004) proposes a broader energy model that recognizes Consciousness as the multidimensional matrix of all these fields and hyperfields. For him, Consciousness can be the holographic and supraphysical foundation of all classical, non-classical and quantum fields – what he understands as an ultra-quantum mind, the informative and energetic basis of all universal processes.

“Consciousness is the ground of all being” is a classic statement by Dr. Amit Goswami in the popular movie “What the Bleep Do We Know!?” From this concept, drawn from a deep understanding of quantum physics, many other attributes have been related to the fundamental fabric of reality.Together, these new concepts have opened the door for modern medicine to redefine the foundation of an outdated medical curriculum and broaden our perspective regarding the potential of the human being. This allows our understanding of biology based on the old Darwinist model of evolution to be reshaped into an understanding of creative evolution, where you are in charge of your own genetic destiny.

The art of healing can open the door to a multidimensional approach to medicine that includes both ancient and modern systems of restoring health through the subtle energies of biofield therapies.

One of the most dramatic consequences of  recognizing consciousness as an important factor in the science of medicine is gaining a deeper insight into Life itself. Rabelais (French author, 1493-1553) said, “Science without conscience is only ruin of the soul.”

Consciousness and light, as understood through quantum physics, have added a new breath of life to the practice of medicine, allowing us to move from a materialistic, entropic, and  reductionist model of medicine to a multidimensional, negentropic, and regenerative model of healing potential.


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