Innate Intelligence Becoming Aware of Itself

Innate Intelligence Becoming Aware of Itself

By Dr. Paul Drouin

Intelligence can be defined in so many ways: interpersonal, logical, emotional, existential, linguistic, situational, fundamental, active. (1)

This Innate Intelligence exists at the core of life itself subtly guiding, organizing, maintaining, and harmonizing all the processes of your own existence, as well as the existence of the whole Universe. From the initial spark that put into motion the manifestation of all the stars, galaxies, and planets in the Universe, to the moment sperm and egg come together to begin your own life from one cell to trillions, shaping you, according to your DNA, into a highly unique complex individual. Innate Intelligence is the Creative and Actualizing principle that, once in motion, manifests and maintains everything.

The main questions do not center solely around knowing about this intelligence; the core question is how to be in touch with it and experience it. Can you imagine a moment in which you can dwell within yourself with the source of Intelligence itself! Would you not have found the Genie in the bottle ready to realize all your wishes, not only three.

The challenge is that most people cannot fathom the level of connectedness that is accessible, so they take their wishes into their own hands to manifest them, but at what price? The key, the secret code, is knowing. Knowing not only with your mind, but also deeply within your heart by experiencing it… being it! Most of us are lost in the forest or even in the leaves pursuing the fruits, the outcomes, seeking for immediate gratifications. Innate Intelligence is an ongoing process. We

The best way to learn is by observing how nature unfolds in the rhythm of the seasons without any effort. Beholding how it is contemplating the precise movement of the cosmos with millions of stars and planets functioning like an atomic clock. To tune into it, align with its ease and go within to dwell with the Source, the seed of everything.

Some will teach you to observe your breath; others will tell you to observe your thoughts to the point where there is no more breath or thought, a point where there is only your own awareness. This state of awareness is not the end point though. When you reach this state, you are just at the door of yourself where you can entangle and bind with the Divine Light.

This is what in the Noosphere (2) world we name the Point Omega. This singular Divine Center within is a state of awareness that is sacred and personal to everyone. The more silent your mind, the more present your heart, the greater your creative power becomes, the more personal, intimate, and powerful your experience is. In this instant, Intelligence becomes aware of itself. Becoming fully aware, you are a co-creator with the Source, within which any tiny impulse of desire can be manifested. We

This dance with Consciousness cannot be led with your ego. It occurs as your greater Self aligns with the purpose of your destiny, when the synchronicity of events intertwines with your own personal life with such care and attention, even manifesting a reality that you could never envision in your wildest imagination. At that moment you are in awe, radiant, and filled with gratitude.

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