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Holistic Anatomy Introduction

Introduction to Holistic Anatomy

By Dr. Paul Drouin

The Art of Medicine has developed along with a growing understanding of human anatomy and physiology. Before we understood the mechanics of the human body, medicine was in the dark ages. And even today, the medical curriculum is still anchored in a mechanistic view of how the body works, based on a dualistic point of reference that has no explanation for how the mind and body relate together. The recognition of a holistic human anatomy is a critical and major development in the history of medicine.

Holistic human anatomy expands our understanding that physical reality is only a tiny fraction of our nature. Quantum physics now provides us a totally new awareness of human reality by revealing scientific concepts that allow us to understand our subtle energetic nature, concepts that other cultures and civilizations have understood for centuries in terms of chi, prana, mana, and vital force. Today, through quantum physics, we begin to better comprehend these concepts and establish a scientific foundation for a holistic human anatomy that includes not only the physical aspects but also the nonlocal quantum nature of our being that can incorporate principles of healing that belong to other traditions. It is important for the integrative medicine doctor to become familiar with these concepts, even though there is still much research to be added in the next decades, since integrating different models of healing is vital to integrative medicine.


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