Healing Mind and Body Through Singularity

Healing Mind and Body Through Singularity

By Dr. Paul Drouin

One of the major challenges with psychosomatic disease is understanding the mind and body connection, which has been an impossible task since the 17th-Century when the French philosopher and mathematician René Descartes established the scientific premises of modern medicine based on Cartesian dualism, which considers the mind as being wholly separate from the body. Consequently, for the next few centuries this had the benefit of creating a comfortable ground for religion and science to peacefully coexist. In the Western world, this mind-body split also provided a foundation for modern medicine to flourish with “advances in surgery, trauma care, pharmaceuticals, and other areas of allopathic medicine.” (1)

Nonetheless, this did not satisfy the French philosopher Blaise Pascal who in the same century wrote the famous quote, “The heart has its reasons of which reason knows nothing.” (2)

On the other hand, for centuries ancient systems of medicine in the Eastern world knew much more about the mind-body connection. Taoist medicine and traditional acupuncture not only had a profound knowledge of the intimate connection between the mind and body, but these traditions also understood the movement of subtle energies to restore balance. Tai Chi and Yoga Masters had complete control of their autonomic nervous system, even centuries before modern medicine was beginning to explore biofeedback modalities.

In fact, the awareness of the mind-body connection in today’s Western world was initiated with the curiosity of people looking for new ways to tackle meditation and Yoga. For example, in my second year of medical school, I started to experience meditation and to explore the world of Consciousness through the window of quantum physics. This exploration was not very popular fifty years ago, but I had the intuition that this was the path that in the future would be the foundation of what I now call Pro-Consciousness Medicine.

Conventional medical schools still teach an upward model of science, where the mind is a byproduct of the brain, here the dichotomy still persists even though common sense obviously demonstrates the clear interrelation of both. At Quantum University, we have adopted what we call a Downward Causational Model of Science (DCMS). (3) In this perspective, the brain and mind are both possibilities of Consciousness, solving centuries of Cartesian dualism. This perspective is only a first step in arriving at a fundamental understanding of how we can consider a wholistic approach to resolving conflicts, health problems, or disease. Obviously, Consciousness is a part of the answer.

The second step in learning how to heal is to find a technique or modality that balances the heart and brain. The tenets of mind approaches are prone to the techniques of meditation or hypnosis, as well as other more heart-centered modalities that focus on the heart and breath. Dr. Joe Dispenza has published incredible results from this approach in his books Becoming Supernatural (4) and You Are The Placebo (5), as well as HeartMath (6) with Dr. Rollin McCraty, with a technique focused on breathing and the heart. The mind-body dichotomy still persists, but is there a path that integrates both perspectives?

Interestingly, Nassim Haramein describes a point of unification in the Universe as a singularity (black hole) where everything in the universe spirals toward a final point of convergence.

“In an infinite fractal of rotation, how do you define the center? Every point is the center. You are the center of the universe observing the universe from your very own center. That point becomes stillness. Why stillness? Because in that point now, all the spins of the universe cancel out.… You need stillness to have a frame of reference for rotation… And that’s how singularity occurs. Singularity is the point at the center of your experience of the universe, that is the point of stillness from which you’re observing the universe.” (7)

Haramein also refers to the proton as a double vortex structure, anchoring this concept in the quantum mechanics world.

Theillard de Chardin identifies this unitive principle as the Omega point: Omega is like the quantum potential in that it subsists throughout nature as the centering and convergent force. It is present from the beginning of the Big Bang and is the goal of evolution, according to Theilhard.

“It is imminent in each emerging entity and the principal principle of every whole; it is the hole that makes wholeness in the evolution possible. Theillard identify this deep personal presence of centering energy Omega with the ultimate depth of love we named God. Love as a cosmological force. For Theillard, love is a passionate force at the heart of The Big Bang universe, the fire that breathe life into matter and unified element center to center, love is deeply embedded in the cosmos, as cosmological force. in his essay poem” the eternal feminine” he reflects on love in the voice of wisdom. when the world was born, I came into being. before the centuries were made, I issue from the hand of God half formed, yes destinated to grow in beauty from age to age, the handmaiden of his work.” (8)

As expressed by Fritjof Kapra in his book The Tao of Physics, the perspectives of physicists and mystics again overlap in their understanding of the Universe. Pro-Consciousness Meditation (9), available through Quantum University and taught by me, Dr. Paul Drouin, is a practical way of entraining the mind and heart in higher coherence, through the process of a Thought Sound (coherence-mantra), associated with the breath and the support of programmed Crystals, to witness the singular experience of Light. The Omega point technique is also fundamental and essential knowledge that can be applied to mind and body healing, as well as to building within one’s own personal integrative wholeness.

The search for the healing of both mind and body represents a long journey in the history of civilization that scholars, philosophers, scientists, doctors, and healers have all explored. The Path of Consciousness through Singularity that is proposed in Pro-Consciousness Meditation is the result of my 50 years of Consciousness exploration.

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