Emanating Global Peace with Project Noosphere

Emanating Global Peace by Dr. Paul Drouin

President and Founder of Quantum University

We are living in a critical time with tragic events currently underway in Ukraine, a conflict that has the potential to generate a third, nuclear world war. Like you, my heart is hurting, and like most of us, I feel powerless as a passive observer of the most tragic event of our modern time.

However, quantum physics reveals to us that we are not really disconnected from such destructive events. The scenario of such collective events is built on multiple ripples of every one negativity that, as a butterfly effect, generate and impact catastrophic events from afar.

I have previously written about one individual, one man who changed the destiny of a nation. His name was Gandhi. The problem is that neither you nor I have his influence, but maybe many of us working together can potentially achieve the result of “One Gandhi.”

Research has shown that the key to effective domestic Transcendental Meditation is the number of meditators engaged. “The precise number of meditators needed, is the square root of 1% of the U.S population,” says Orme-Johnson, a prolific researcher and professor and the first to provide scientific evidence that meditation of any kind could alter how we react physiologically to stress. “1% of the population unified in any way may be the greatest discovery in the history of science”. (1, 2) Let’s do the math: The world’s population is approximately 7,932,733,543, and we need the square root of 1% of the population meditating to have a significant impact on the entire population. So, let’s round up and say the world’s population is 8 billion people, just to keep things simple. One percent of 8,000,000,000 is 80,000,000; the square root of 80,000,000 is 8,944. (3) Therefore, we would need the power of 9 Gandhis/9000 people, to attempt to turn individuals and society toward greater health, peace, and coherence. Let this be our goal!

Since its inception in 2015, Project Noosphere has gathered thousands of participants who are sharing the main intention: Heal Yourself, Heal the World. On average, one thousand individuals transcend space and time, tapping into the infinite power of Consciousness by joining Project Noosphere during daily 24-hour cycles. At this point, we may in fact be reaching the effect of one Gandhi.

If we are to reach our goal of Nine Gandhis, we would need 9000 participants every 24 hours to contribute to Project Noosphere’s intention, which we define as a unique global consciousness accelerator to facilitate and support the health of individuals, as well the harmony and peace of the whole planet, we are planning in the next month. 

This effort requires three major actions:

  1. An Upgrade of the Project Noosphere Website

Amplified Meditation Experiences on the Project Noosphere Website will allow meditators to build toward the convergence of more peace, harmony, and love in the world.

Meditators around the world who are setting intentions for themselves or loved ones are now able to upload a photo of that special person or themself to the Noosphere Map so that the entire collective consciousness can send healing intentions to them too! Meditators can simply click on the diamonds on the noosphere map to view any photos submitted from fellow meditators around the world. 

Meditators can now also choose to enter a new dimension of the Noosphere with a 3-D interactive tour, available to experience at Step 2 of the Meditation Process on the Project Noosphere website. This immersive 3-D space will allow us to gather from all over the world to join a daily meditation to heal ourselves, heal the world.

In addition, meditators have the option of creating their own meditation groups or meditation events and connecting with other meditators by using the Groups option. Together you can use the guided meditations to reset your biofield or to set up your own experience where your group can connect and participate.

  1. A New Supercharged Mobile Application

The Supercharged Project Noosphere Mobile Application is not an ordinary app. It is an app that is entangled with the collective consciousness of the entire Project Noosphere community using algorithms to link the collective consciousness and therefore positively impact the energy field. 

This mobile application also includes a new voice analyzer that produces a complete quantum energetic analysis, first detecting energetic disturbances and then correcting them through a playlist of harmonic frequencies. When listening to these frequencies, you are improving your health and well-being and getting your body into a perfect state of balance and harmony that has a positive effect on the whole world.

After completing your energetic analysis, you can proceed to set your intention and begin your selected meditation experience.

  1. A Global Peace Meditation Event to Start Momentum

To reach our significant goal of Nine Gandhis (9000 Participants) during each 24-Hour cycle, let’s begin with a Global Peace Meditation, and with just a few minutes of your time each day, we can continue to build this momentum together and attempt to change the course of the current situation. 

We invite you to join us for the Global Peace Meditation during the March 18th Full Moon, a unique event for worldwide peace to which you can invite friends and family to experience the Project Noosphere collective and work together to positively affect the fate of humanity.

We have underestimated the Power of Consciousness. Project Noosphere works through the principle of entanglement, a basic principle of quantum physics in which all participants become interconnected through their common intention, and the nature of Consciousness as a healing field of Innate intelligence is more powerful than nuclear power. (4) 

The solution is to envision something greater and more inspiring: joining together in a movement that transcends the limited nature of the mind and negativity, transforming it into one that opens the world to a new awareness and a higher state of consciousness.

Not long ago, Gandhi achieved the impossible. Today, the equivalent of “Nine Gandhis” can avert the course of a nuclear disaster and achieve the Impossible, an unexpected solution to the resolution of current events.

* * * * *


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