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The Egyptian Scarab Beetle… a new symbol for Quantum University?

I am standing in the avenue of forty ram-headed sphinxes at the Temple of Karnak, one of the largest temple complexes in the world (61 acres). From the east bank of the Nile, Karnak Temple is aligned with the mortuary tombs of the Valley of the Kings on the west side, so as to reveal that knowledge and wisdom are hidden in the illusory cycle of life and death.

The avenue of forty ram-headed sphinxes at the Temple of Karnak

Walking through the 134 columns encrypted with a mysterious language that contains the secrets of the Universe, I penetrate into a special inner sanctum where once only high priests were allowed to enter, the Holy of Holies. And before leaving this sacred site I visit a ceremonial lake close by, ending this visit by preparing for a walk through the Valley of the Kings the next day where the scarab, the symbol of the heavenly cycle of rebirth or regeneration, will be revealed to me.

These sites, including the pyramids, have been correlated with the constellation of Orion and with the Milky Way galaxy, just to add to the mystery that everything is connected to a greater understanding.

The scarab, an Egyptian dung beetle, after laying its eggs in a small ball of dung, pushes this ball wherever it goes as though it were pushing the morning sun out of the darkness, into our world and across the sky. A sign of spontaneous creation, the scarab became the symbol of regeneration and renewal, an important power to have for the trip through the underworld.

Isn’t this the same knowledge that we are seeking today when we speak about spontaneous healing and regeneration? Are we not in the same underground exploration, when through quantum physics we try to penetrate the secrets of health and illness, life and death?

Quantum University, revealer of hidden things and initiator of a renaissance medicine, like the Egyptian scarab beetle, is pushing the new frontier of modern medicine.

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Homeopath, Acupuncturist, Doctor of Natural Medicine, Professor of Integrative Medicine, Founder and President of Quantum University, and host of the Quantum World TV and the World Congress of Integrative Medicine.

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Quantum University is an institution of higher learning that provides degrees and certification programs in holistic, alternative, natural, and integrative medicine based on quantum physics.