Creativity in Medicine… a Necessity for Health Care

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Fifteen years ago when I arrived in the promised land of America, I lived in San Diego. Quantum University was still only a dream, in the stage of possibility, still to be manifested as a factor in the balance of the healthcare equation.

Many times in conferences or interviews, I am challenged by the argument that the idea of implementing new concepts and modalities in modern medicine is out of reach of any group or individual due to the strong resistance of many major interests in the arena of health care. This argument is real, and being a pioneer in the field of medicine for 40 years, I have experienced all the stages of a process that is now finally coming to fruition.

At the last event I participated in, the Integrated Health Conference in San Diego (March 20-22), I realized the tremendous leap in awareness that has occurred regarding the receptivity of what is the core mission of the Quantum University, which is addressing health care at its heart by redefining the model of medical and natural healing education. Years ago pioneers aligned with this vision were isolated individuals, but today we are a vast collective of people from all over the world.

So it is at Quantum University, where we have gathered more than 8000 students in more than 50 countries and have hundreds of graduates who are already spreading the concepts of Creative Integrative Medicine in all layers of society. If one individual can create a difference in such a short time, do you realize what thousands can do?

In other words, we have now achieved the beginning of what will become a period of exponential growth, considering the power of change, even within the rigid structure which is our healthcare system.

Another crucial argument which gives us hope for the future is the necessity of change. Society becomes ready for new paradigms when there is no other choice but to implement them. Isn’t this the case with the energy crisis? A few years ago, America was in a critical position regarding our dependence on energy from other countries. Analysts are now predicting that America will be not only energy independent, but an exporter of energy within the next decade.

Health care is facing the same urgent situation, where remodeling the delivery of health care from a predominantly privatized system to one that is more socially oriented will not solve the problem of high cost. Being a Canadian medical doctor who has worked in a government-administered healthcare system, I can guarantee you that no matter who pays the bills, a conventional medicine based on a linear and outdated model of science is unaffordable for any type of society, rich or poor. Universal and affordable health care is a question of how you practice healing. As I wrote in my book Creative Integrative Medicine: “No one knows the price we are paying for an incomplete medical education.”

Creativity is the brand of America. The concepts of Creative Integrative Medicine taught by Quantum University will bring to modern medicine a new vision of medicine based not only on the full potentiality of the individual, but also on a redefined, more humanistic and compassionate medicine.


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Homeopath, Acupuncturist, Doctor of Natural Medicine, Professor of Integrative Medicine, Founder and President of Quantum University, and host of the Quantum World TV and the World Congress of Integrative Medicine.

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Quantum University is an institution of higher learning that provides degrees and certification programs in holistic, alternative, natural, and integrative medicine based on quantum physics.