Consciousness Acupuncture

Consciousness Acupuncture

By Dr. Paul Drouin

Quantum physics has brought the concept of the biofield to medicine, along with the principles of nonlocality and entanglement. Previous blogs have described how this new vision emerged from a model of subtle anatomy that includes the notion of the scalar field, bio-photonic activities, morphogenetic fields, Bonghan circulation, quantum coherence, and consciousness.

Consciousness acupuncture is a medicine of awareness, the key to accessing the quantum mechanics of a quantum system.

As a practicing medical doctor, when I started my first training in acupuncture, I soon realized that it was far more that simply inserting needles on the surface of the body. As I learned about different systems, particularly Taoist acupuncture, I awakened to the greater reality of the biofield in the shape of a torus field that can be reharmonized at its core, the Atomic heart, through the marvelous vessels. 

As I deepened my practice, I learned that the degree of mindfulness I experienced at the moment I was inserting the needles was also very important, as was how I used the breath to amplify the effect of acupuncture on the target emotions or meridians. I describe this in detail in another course, IQ-400 – Taoist Medicine & Acupuncture, as the “Omega Point” technique.

One of the most important discoveries I made is that I had better results when I also used crystals rather than with any other medium. With crystals it is possible to access a more efficient level of information which restores and harmonizes the morphogenetic fields. 

According to Taoist medical tradition, the meridians involved in this process are the “marvelous vessels,” true optical fibers through which the lasers of the meridians run. These vessels are related locally at the physiological level to the central channel, cerebral gray matter, and spinal white matter and fluid, and their energy is able to move up and down in a spiral manner.

The four pairs of “marvelous vessels” carry eight condensed emanations into the eight “kouas.” The kouas are real subtle energy reservoirs that recharge the meridians at certain times of day, or energy tides. According to Taoist medicine, Marguerite de Surany, and Quantum physics, these vessels or smart paths have a nonlocal nature.

Marguerite de Surany (1996) describes the eight kouas or trigrams of Taoist philosophy as important aspects in the study of subtle anatomy because all the meridians or quantum optical channels are recharged by these energy reservoirs in the white matter of the spinal cord, which represent energetic emanations of Zero Point energy fluctuations. 

These reservoirs are also information repositories or scalar-morphogenetic fields that inform the energetic and physiological processes.

These eight emanations are created by the quantum fluctuations condensing into the eight Kouas or trigrams of the I Ching from the Marvelous Vessels.

The Atomic Heart represents a quantum model formed by the four bigrams and eight Kouas (or trigrams) of the I Ching, the energetic and archetypal patterns that act directly on the spine.

Therapeutic work with the marvelous vessels – through intention and meditation, the use of crystals and sacred geometry (such as the Flower of Life), kouas, and morphogenetic matrices (associated with the five elements of Taoist medicine) – is capable of transforming the corpuscular form of the ego mode into a wave-like form related to the Self mode.

This results in a broadening of consciousness capable of promoting more positive perceptions and feelings about life and existence.



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(1) de Surany, M. (1996). Le Corps d’Arc en Ciel (The Rainbow Body). Paris: Guy Tredaniel, Editeur, 65 rue Claude Bernard, Paris. 


Note: If you are interested in this topic, enroll in IW-722 – Holistic Anatomy for more information on this topic.



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