Dr. Paul Drouin

Dr. Paul was recently interviewed on a podcast, SheQuest by Estelle Thompson (Artist, Yoga Teacher, Psy M and, Dr. Paul’s Daughter). When arriving to the subject of Creativity, Dr. Paul realized how important this aspect is in an area where artificial intelligence and digital healthcare are becoming more and more important, in re-shaping the future of healthcare.

Healing is an art in which intuition and creativity are at play and where the real power of healing resides. The phenomenon of spontaneous healing, for example, described in the 1990s by Dr. Deepak Chopra, is one mysterious healing event that can be understood only through quantum creativity and quantum physics.

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Quantum physics has brought the concept of the biofield to medicine, along with the principles of nonlocality and entanglement. Previous blogs have described how this new vision emerged from a model of subtle anatomy that includes the notion of the scalar field, bio-photonic activities, morphogenetic fields, Bonghan circulation, quantum coherence, and consciousness. Consciousness acupuncture is a medicine of awareness, the key to accessing the quantum mechanics of a quantum system.

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In 1922, Pierre Teilhard de Chardin, paleontologist and geologist, French philosopher and Jesuit priest, introduced the concept of Noosphere which he described as “the sphere of thought encircling the earth that has emerged through evolution as a consequence of this growth in complexity / consciousness.”

During the last 20 years, the Internet has revealed the astonishing extent of this new reality. Today, for better or for worse, not only can information reach any corner of the world in an instant, but new communities are born every second through our extensive social networks.

The quest for knowledge is a major driving force factor in the evolution of any society. Civilizations are born and shaped through their innovative thinking and technology. Unfortunately some have also disappeared due to their mistaken ideas and wrongdoing.

In recent years, we have become very aware of how precious our biosphere is and how our earth could be in peril if we don’t pay attention to the delicate balance of our environment. In today’s world, while continuing to honor our previous concerns, we recognize the importance of adding the additional awareness of another level of life, the Noosphere (our collective thoughts).