The Internal Quantum Mechanics of Subtle Energy Anatomy

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It is fascinating to recognize that when you start to study quantum medicine, your mind opens to the movement of subtle energy both internally and externally, and you begin to perceive the individual as both microcosm and macrocosm.

With today’s understanding of quantum physics, it is no longer a stretch to realize that we are not islands but are connected with the whole universe. Many scientists are now revealing other dimensions or parallel universes and are even challenging the notion of time. (Stuart Hameroff, M.D.)

The Atomic Heart, a concept that belongs to Taoist Medicine, is the quantum model that allows you to understand the movement of subtle energy in relation to the morphogenetic field and the organs and meridians associated with it.

Atomic Heart

The work of Nassim Haramein shows us the astonishing relationship of the I Ching as a star tetrahedron matrix encoding the geometry of the Universe. (Watch Video – I Ching As A Star Tetrahedron Matrix: Encoding The Geometry Of The Universe)

The I Ching symbols are like a quantum model where every symbol holds encrypted information about the wisdom of the innate Intelligence that harmonizes everything.

Why is this so important? Because gaining an understanding of the relationship between the vital body, the mind, and the supramental level is at the core of mind-based medicine. Without this information, it is almost impossible to relate the mechanics of consciousness to imbalances, behavior, organs, and disease.

To interpret the human being in terms of potential is a process of personal growth in which positive health is not just the absence of disease but is also a state of greater personal integration. The subtle energetic anatomy with the Atomic Heart at its center reveals the blueprint of this transformation.


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