After visiting Egyptian temples and the tombs of the Pharaohs, the mind tries to make sense of what life was like at that time. Could it be that there is a witness still present that has endured the erosion of time and speaks to my soul?

The camel with his smooth walk carried me on the waves of the desert

The silence of the Egyptian desert was waiting for me when I arrived. As the camel with his smooth walk carried me on the waves of the desert, every fiber of my being was absorbed at sunset in the depth of its mysterious silence.

Every fiber of my being was absorbed in the silence of the desert

In that space, there are no words to tell. One can only listen and be present with life in that transcendent time. There, you know without words… you just know.

I have tried so many times in the past to put all the pieces of the puzzle together, and when my mind became exhausted and I just let go, the mysteries revealed their secrets.

At sunset in the depth of the desert's mysterious silence

So many stories have been told about the secret sciences and marvels of ancient Egypt, but in this moment everything seems simple, transparent, and within my reach.

But am I not in a space-time that is familiar to me…. certainly, it is the same place I visit every day in my meditation, but this time it carries a zest of the desert.

Should not this experience be part of any creative process? That instant where your mind just stops analyzing and comes into a moment of ultimate connection, where the information of the whole universe resides.

This is the kind of personal experience that I share with my students and the readers of my book, Creative Integrative Medicine, that has been the ground and source of my inspiration in the creative process of Quantum University.



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