The challenge for consciousness-based medicine is to integrate the notion of personal growth, where the individual shifts from functioning in an ego self-centered mode to a more universal self mode. This is a model of healing where the role of an integrative doctor will be to facilitate the transcendence of the ego-character to allow for the emergence of the quantum self.

See the example below of the heart and emotions related to the heart meridian (where the self mode is in balance, and the ego mode is in insufficiency or excess). Remember, when the individual is in ego mode, the morphogenetic field is in a state of contraction. Anger, for example, creates energetic disturbances and imbalances in the physical and subtle bodies.

To assist with this process, the integrative doctor is engaging the creative process simultaneously at all levels of subtle anatomy: the bliss, supramental, mental, vital, and physical bodies. Every level is a reflection of a different quality of information—the bliss body being the more subtle and the physical body the more solid.

The notion of balance is important in quantum medicine. Living in the ego self and living in the quantum self must be balanced in a life that is focused on spiritual growth.

Quantum medicine proposes an integrative approach that will restore the morphogenetic field, the blueprint for the organs, to its full potential, tuning in to a creative mode of operating in relation with the higher self. Positive health is achieved when the physical, vital, mental, supramental, and bliss bodies are in tune and congruent with the core source.

This is also the foundation for a real preventive medicine, which focuses on subtle energetic imbalances, to be adjusted through the knowledge of a more refined “consciousness medicine” involving energetic therapy as well as mind-body approaches. In the decades to come, we will witness the emergence of a new generation of assessment protocols, brain-training techniques, and energetic technologies that will help the integrative doctor prevent disease at a much earlier stage, even when it is still in its thought form state.