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Einstein said, “We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.” Coming from a background of experience with both social and privatized healthcare systems, I am convinced that simply adjusting socio-political methods for delivery is not enough to solve the current healthcare crisis.

One of the most important phenomena on my journey to evolve from a linear medical model to a multidimensional model of healing was not just to broaden my toolbox with extra modalities of healing, but to radically transform my relationship with the client from one where I was caught in a fatalistic perspective (diagnostic), with no other outcome in addressing the symptoms, to one of a greater awareness. This evolution of consciousness made possible many results—from spontaneous remissions to personal growth—within an environment that acknowledged the subjectivity as well as the objectivity of the experience.

Medical health care needs first to be reformed at its base, as the real cost of healing is directly associated with how healing is practiced in this society. What I mean by its base is the way in which doctors and healthcare practitioners are initially trained and educated regarding the art of healing.

“No one knows the price we are paying for an incomplete medical education.” Creative Integrative Medicine

Since our society and our universities define the consensus of what should be the standard model of science, this is where the problem must first be addressed. The problem is that the actual medical model of science is outdated. Our basic understanding of the human being is still caught in a dichotomistic perception of mind and body, related to a deterministic concept of biology where there is no option for spontaneous evolution, since the concept of survival of the fittest slaves your health destiny to your genes. Quantum Physics reanimates the old materialistic point of view with a new breath that deepens the perspective of human reality

According to Wikipedia:
The original Latin word “universitas” refers in general to “a number of persons associated into one body, a society… etc.” [2] At the time of the emergence of urban town life and medieval guilds, specialized “associations of students and teachers with collective legal rights usually guaranteed by charters issued by princes, prelates, or the towns in which they were located” came to be denominated by this general term.

It is interesting to see that the idea of “University” emerged from a collective consensus that defined the standards of science based upon the prevailing beliefs at the time. Today, conventional universities are not keeping pace with the collective consciousness consensus that is emerging from advancements in quantum physics.

Interestingly, Quantum University has created a favorable environment for renowned teachers and students to rally around these new paradigms. The Internet has allowed the gathering of thousands of individuals, in more than 50 countries, around respected world teachers in the domain of quantum physics and how it can be applied to medicine.

A new model of University is now emerging from the medieval perspective – one that can adapt to the constantly-evolving model of science: Quantum University.


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Homeopath, Acupuncturist, Doctor of Natural Medicine, Professor of Integrative Medicine, Founder and President of Quantum University, and host of the Quantum World TV and the World Congress of Integrative Medicine.

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Quantum University is an institution of higher learning that provides degrees and certification programs in holistic, alternative, natural, and integrative medicine based on quantum physics.