Quantum Doctors Talk – Morphogenetic Fields (Part 4)

Dr. Amit Goswami and Dr. Paul Drouin discuss Morphogenetic Fields in relation to the role of healers in helping clients achieve their full potentiality as individuals.

Dr. Goswami points out that community consciousness is only potentiality – first, we have to correlate ourselves, which we do by intention. We create movement in the morphogenetic field by eliciting memories that elevate the heart chakra and then direct the feeling.

The two doctors then discuss the quality of feelings, particularly the healing qualities of feelings related to archetypes. Dr. Goswami stresses the need for reforming education by introducing vital energy studies to move beyond the limitations of the materialistic model of thinking. Dr. Paul points out that we can tap into our inner world to experience consciousness within so that in our healing entanglement with our clients, the healing relationship is of the highest quality.

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