Traveling through India, Nepal, and China, I was impressed by the density of the populations. At first I felt overwhelmed by the diversity of social organization, and then I began to realize that within these diverse societies a new way of looking at reality has been emerging from the discovery of the principles of quantum physics.

During the last 50 years, this new culture has already reached a significant number of people from many different spiritual and social backgrounds throughout the world. I identify this phenomenon the “Quantum Culture.”

World Peace Plaza in Lumbini

10,000 pyramids have been built in India to anchor the new view of this consciousness movement. Lumbini, Nepal, the birthplace of Buddha, has created a world peace project and invited nations all around the world to build temples to honor Buddha. Even Germany has participated, although Buddhism is not a part of its historic culture

I have just arrived at my first destination in China, in the region of Guilin, and I am discovering there an inspiring natural site with mountains and caves that attract visitors from all over the world to simply admire the beauty and majesty of nature. I can see in the mystic mountains that surround the Li River the diverse pyramid shapes created by nature, some of which have caves within their hearts carved by underground streams.

On the Li River

The intention of Project Noosphere is to gather together people in many parts of the world who share this new “Quantum Culture” and can see throughout all matter the fractal shapes and forms that bind all us together. It is a symbolic gesture to acknowledge this collective consciousness interconnection that can make a positive difference in the world, regardless of the wide variety of our cultures and experiences.

I invite you to join our ongoing Project Noosphere collective meditation to help strengthen the growing “Quantum Culture” around the world.