A perennial moment in Egypt… an enlightened moment in Hawaii

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This is the end of the day – there is nothing more to anticipate after visiting the Temple of Karnak than just to go back to the hotel, have a swim, and relax.

Yet this is when the unexpected happens. The pool sits next to the Nile reflecting infinity like a mirror, as though there were no difference between the Nile and the pool – it feels as though I am swimming in the Nile itself. At the same moment, the sun is disappearing on the west side, its rays shining through the Valley of the Kings where the famous tombs of the Pharaohs reside.

In a moment of clarity, I understand all the explanations that Asharaf (Egyptologist and guide) has underlined for me about the importance of the Nile and how the lives of all Egyptians center from birth to death around this source of life in a desert land.

As the Sun-God reaches the horizon, two brothers in a small boat imprint their shadow upon the Nile, surrounded by the sounds of nature… a perennial moment in which I am one with the Universe. And then my mind starts to vagabond again – two brothers crossing the boundaries of time have brought me back to the sparkle of my journey, where the death of my young brother set me upon my quest to understand the mysteries of healing (Creative Integrative Medicine: a Medical Doctor’s Journey toward a New Vision for Health Care).

The synchronicity of a moment, like the wink of a Universal eye, confirms that everything is happening as it should be – a journey that has guided me from a desert land of mysteries and questions in my young age to an exotic and luxurious paradise, Hawaii, setting up a scenario for answers.

In my book, I have revealed the personal journey that brought me to what I call today Creative Integrative Medicine. When I look back over these years, I recognize that it has all emerged from within, triggered by the tragic death of my own brother. This personal journey has been an enlightening process that has allowed me to become more whole and integrated in my life.


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