Morphic Resonance and the Noosphere

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When Rupert Sheldrake, biologist and author and featured speaker at the World Summit of Integrative Medicine (WSIM), introduced to the scientific world the concepts of morphic fields and morphic resonance, he was providing a cornerstone for human biology and an understanding of how information can be passed through non-locality from generation to generation.

Dr Goswami, physicist and keynote speaker at the WSIM, integrated his ideas in the construction of a new model of subtle anatomy (Physical-Vital-Supramental-Bliss) that enlarges the materialistic and restrictive model of conventional medicine.

To make it simple, the morphic field, more commonly called the morphogenetic field, is a non-local, meaning at a subatomic level and not part of the physical realm, blueprint that shapes all living organisms (unicellular to multicellular, such as human beings).

Even more exciting, through his research Dr. Sheldrake found that new behaviors and traits could be transferred from one generation to another, not only through the model of epigenetic (environmental) factors, but also through time and space. By example, he noticed that inherited knowledge could be passed through mice and guinea pig ancestors to individuals not previously trained. (

What does this have to do with revolutionizing the Noosphere?

The Noosphere project is about to gather from all over the world a community of students in the field of consciousness who will align with the scientific reality of the power of intention, which has been thoroughly documented by Lynne McTaggart, another featured speaker at the WSIM,  to shift the trend of world consciousness toward the full potentiality of the human being.

At the World Summit of Integrative Medicine, I will be elaborating strategies in greater detail not only regarding how you can participate to the Noosphere Project, but also how this can have a direct effect on your own health and the health care of all societies.

Participation in World Summit of Integrative Medicine is free, and it’s a must if you want to make a difference in our incoherent world at this time. Join us and invite as many friends you like. We also have an affiliate program that can reward your efforts.


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