Mokoli’i – A Natural Hawaiian Pyramid

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Mokoli’i (Chinaman’s Hat)

The Hawaiian Islands are world renowned for their healing traditions. People from all over the world visit this vacation site to restore their health and bathe in the natural healing waters.

But accordingly to ancient Hawaiian tradition, these islands are also a spiritual and very special energetic environment that you need to be on site to experience.

Years ago, when I came to Hawaii to establish the Quantum University, I didn’t fully realize the extent to which this exotic and vibrant land would be the perfect environment for a university with a mission to integrate a new foundation for modern medicine.

This sacred island has been not only the womb for a new paradigm shift in modern medicine, this very special and exotic site has also been the witness of this precious event.

Mokoli’i, also known as Chinaman’s Hat , is a basaltic islet located 1/3-mile off the shore of Oahu (21.5092 N, latitude), today part of Kualoa Regional Park.

Mokoli’i, means “little lizard” in Hawaiian. Hawaiian mythology tells us that this islet, in the shape of a pyramid or cone (resembling a conical Asian hat, the source of the modern common name, Chinaman’s Hat), was originally the tail of a giant lizard or dragon that was chopped off by the goddess Hi’iaka and dropped into the ocean.

Strangely, according to another ancient spiritual tradition, Hawaii belongs to an enigmatic energetic grid, related to the Giza Pyramid (29.9792 N, latitude) in Egypt. This sacred site has been a source of inspiration and meditation, a muse that has drawn my mind and spirit all through the process of manifesting the Quantum University.

You have to be there to experience the uniqueness of this place, which can’t be adequately expressed in words.

When I recently visited the Great Pyramid of Giza and the King’s Chamber in Egypt, I had the same flavor and feeling as when I visit Mokoli’i.

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