Interview with Dr. Yury Kronn Discussing Life Force Subtle Energy

Dr. Paul Drouin & Dr. Yury Kronn Discuss Life Force Suble Energy

Dr. Paul Drouin interviews renowned Russian physicist Dr. Yury Kronn whose career has focused on the study of what the ancients called Life Force and our frontier science now calls subtle energy. Dr. Kronn explains why he feels Life Force is a more accurate definition since this energy functions like software for both our physiology and our psychology and can help with many issues.

When combined with supportive substances such as supplements, drugs, and crystals, subtle energy can tremendously enhance and improve our ability to handle health and psychological problems. Dr. Kronn describes his studies of the dark matter and dark energy that make up 96% of the universe, how subtle energy influences all living things, and the technology he has developed to harness it.

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⭐ A rapidly growing modality of integrative medicine – energy medicine – unquestionably requires from health practitioners a clear understanding of subtle energy and its many puzzling features that make its practical use much more complex than the use of well-researched electromagnetic energy.


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