In the movie “Avatar,” you may remember this famous line, ”I see you,” and the lyrics of Leona Lewis:

I see you…
Breathing new life, flying high…
You teach me how to see all that’s beautiful
My senses touch a world I never pictured…
When my heart was never open
(And my spirit never free)
To the world that you have shown me
But my eyes could not envision
All the colors of love and of life ever more”

This theme is well suited to today’s neuroscience findings and the fact that how you perceive – “see” – the world and engage with it has a lot to do with how your brain is wired.(1) The heart connection is also an important factor, since research shows that your heart may function as a second brain.(2) More interestingly, some scientists at Harvard have started to map the brain.(3) Other research is also showing that brain disorders may have to do with brain connectivity(4) and that we can also do something about it.(5)

In this blog article, I introduced the concept of the Noosphere as planetary collective thinking. Obviously, not everyone’s brain is wired like the one who inspired this concept, “Pierre Theilhard de Chardin.” I am also pretty aware, when listening to news or looking at the standard level of information that is taught in our system of education in general or about health, that what I witness has more to do with the Middle Ages than the 21st Century.

I will say that knowledge is the key to evolution, and going one step further, specify knowledge that not only aligns with the latest scientific discoveries but also with an experiential understanding that may directly shift your brain circuitry. One of the core principles of Quantum University is that learning should be based on an understanding of the most complete information available at this time, and the integration of the this knowledge should be refined through a modality (i.e., meditation, personal growth practices, etc.) that will allow you to experience this new reality. Meditation and many other techniques have been proven to be effective.(5)

I am sorry to say, but you don’t know what you don’t know, and don’t see what you can’t see, until you open your mind and heart to a new Reality. Rewiring the collective and individual awareness through awakening knowledge should be our main focus.

At this time, there is an urgency to gather collectively together around a new perception of the reality that will reveal the infinite potentiality of the human being and individually by engaging ourselves in a process of higher integration of Life.

I see you…
Breathing new life, flying high…”
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