A year ago after the World Congress of Quantum Medicine 2014, the most successful ever, Alexis (my son) and I came up with a new idea which became like the effect of the “flap of a butterfly’s wings“ and surprised everybody: a World Summit online!

A year later, the World Summit has created an enormous wave in the field of consciousness that will impact the online community of Integrative Medicine going forward. Already more than 21,000 subscribers, 150,000 views, and millions of visitors have been touched by this free event, which will be available on demand for an entire year. Viewers can upgrade to a premium membership at any time to gain access to the outstanding keynote speakers.

Knowledge and creativity are the driving forces that have been a major factor in the evolution of any society.

The World Summit of Integrative Medicine has intentionally taken the lead to express worldwide a more complete vision of health education, conscious that a deeper understanding of human reality based on quantum physics will have tremendous consequences in the wellness and health care of all societies.

The 49 speakers at the World Summit include renowned keynote speakers presenting important and inspiring information, pieces of the puzzle that is defining the basis of a new medical and natural curriculum in modern medicine, as I described in the my introductory presentation: Creative Integrative Healthcare.  Dr. Amit Goswami’s presentation, “Creativity in the Vital Body,” outlined the tenets of quantum physics and explained why the old upward causation model no longer applies.  In her presentation entitled “The Future of Medicine,” Dr. Lissa Rankin discussed the importance of the Relaxation Response and how it’s related to the body’s self-healing mechanisms.

Dr. Joan Borysenko presented a fascinating talk on “The Science of Personalized Nutrition” in which she explained the importance of nutritional literacy and the human cost of today’s health crisis. In his talk, “The Connected Universe,” Nassim Haramein explained the nature of the material world, the extremely small percentage of physical matter in our universe, and the extent of the connection between all things. Gregg Braden’s talk, “Thriving In a Time of Extremes,” included a description of the physical and non-physical relationship between the mind and body in relation to heart disease and introduced the concept of stress resilience and performance stages based on research from the Institute of HeartMath.

Dr. Joe Dispenza presented a fascinating talk entitled “Healing by Thought Alone” in which he discussed brainwave patterns, the difference between declarative and nondeclarative memories, and how the analytical mind separates the subconscious mind from the conscious mind.  “The Color Code” was the subject of David “Avocado” Wolfe’s informative talk on the importance and beneficial qualities of the color pigments found in nature and in our food.

Millions will be affected by this consciousness wave, which I have previously referred to in my blogs as the “Healing Noosphere,” and will be inspired to exercise their personal influence and creativity. Creativity, indeed, will be the brand of this global consciousness transformation, as we have seen throughout the conference through our speakers and as evidenced by the Health Innovators competition.

The degree of interest shown by the participants and the special contributions of all the speakers has generated hope and confidence in the human potential for transforming Health-Wellness Care throughout the world.

I would also like to express my gratitude to those who made this event possible (our World Summit staff), to all the outstanding speakers who contributed their ideas, and for the receptivity of all the participants, which will continue to grow throughout the coming year.