1000 Gandhis

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Heal the world. Heal yourself.

The intention of Project Noosphere is to create a unique global consciousness accelerator that will facilitate and support the health of individuals, as well the whole planet.

This project will implement the regrouping of a critical mass of the world’s population (1%) that will focus on individual and social coherence to generate more harmony, peace, and healing.

Would you agree that 1000 minds are more powerful than one?

Scientific studies support the statement that prayer and meditation through nonlocal intention can heal at a distance, and if we could reach a critical mass of 1%, we could shift collective negative and criminal behavior to a more a peaceful state.

We are living in a time of crisis at many levels: the health and energy crises and, more importantly, terrorism. What is a strategy that offers an alternative to the destructive and negative rhetoric that is recruiting 1000 members each month to generate only more chaos?

The solution is to envision something greater and more inspiring: to join together in a movement that transcends the limited nature of the mind and negativity, transforming it to one that opens the world to a new awareness and a higher state of consciousness: the Noosphere Project.

Not long ago, one individual, one man, changed the destiny of a nation. His name was Gandhi. The problem is that neither you nor I have his charisma, but maybe 1000 of us working together can achieve the result of one Gandhi. Than we would only need 70,000 Gandhis to turn individuals and society toward greater health and coherence.

Project Noosphere will offer to the world the first step of a greater plan, an online meditation and prayer that will gather together thousands of people on all five continents, those who are intending to shift the world consciousness through a higher state of awareness aligned with the global health of individuals throughout the world.

Be one of 1000 Gandhis!



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