My previous blog reflected on the new evidence that how we perceive the world is related to with how our brain is wired, supported today by the latest discoveries in neuroscience. Shifting our perception of the world may be an individual or collective challenge.
When the movies What the Bleep Do We Know!? and Down the Rabbit Hole came out in 2004, everybody had a moment; quantum physics was shifting our perspective of reality from a linear materialistic model to a multidimensional model of consciousness. In the film, Dr. Goswami revealed that the existing scientific world’s perception of causation and creation was turning upside down, opening the door to new possibilities in how we perceive factors governing biology, evolution, psychology, and medicine.
The physicist Fred Alan Wolf asked this brilliant question, “How deep down the rabbit hole are you ready to go?”
On a personal level, taking this step may engage the individual in a transformation that some have described “Les Chemins les moins fréquentés,” a transpersonal growth from Ego to Self-Reference.
On a social level, the ramifications are complex and intertwine with a network of conflicted socio-economic and political interests.
In the domain of medicine, for example, the outdated model of science that can only support conventional Western modalities of healing (pharmaceutics & surgery) has become too exclusive, bringing the budget for health care to an unaffordable cost for any society, rich or poor. Obviously, embracing a larger scientific view brings a new breath to the model of medicine.
Quantum University has been establishing the basis for a new curriculum of medical and natural medicine education since 2002 ( that redefines the fundamental premises of human biology based on quantum physics.
By shifting our scientific perspective, Quantum University is envisioning a new therapeutic reality where integrative medicine and natural medicine can be understood and integrated with allopathic medicine.
But now more than ever, the time is urgent to manifest a collective healing presence worldwide through what I described previously in another blog as “the Positive Noosphere,” by joining a worldwide online event: The World Summit of Integrative Medicine. This free event will gather renowned speakers, doctors, scientists, and researchers aligned with this profound and more humanistic vision of the reality, along with thousands of participants from five continents.
After all, jumping down the rabbit hole… isn’t that hard!