Harness Your Power of Healing with a “Gold Medal Team” of Teachers

Harness Your Power of Healing with a “Gold Medal Team” of Teachers

In every century, great minds will emerge to redefine a new paradigm within society. Most often, these people will be known for their research, lectures, and publications and will be the pride of a major university. In modern sports, we have seen the association of great star players who come together to become the “Gold Medal Team” of a generation. In the Olympics, these athletes will establish a new benchmark of excellence in their field.
After the popular movie What the Bleep Do We Know?!, everyone was left with an appetite whetted for more of this new knowledge about infinite possibilities. Many of the featured scientists became very famous and added more books to their credits to deepen the shared knowledge of this emerging science. Dr. Joe Dispenza’s Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself, Lynne McTaggart’s The Intention Experiment, and Dr. Amit Goswami’s Quantum Doctor are just a few. Scientist Dr. Bruce Lipton later joined this select group in a movie about the new science of healing called The Living Matrix. The new stars of a new paradigm in science were born. The one missing element has been to bring them all together as a “Gold Medal Team” of teachers at a university.
The stature of a university is established by the stature of its teachers and its capacity to bring the most exact and up-to-date scientific knowledge to society. I believe that the outdated model of science on which our current model of health education is based is in urgent need of being replaced by the new standard of science as defined by quantum physics.
The emergence of Integrative Quantum Medicine can’t be played as a solo, but must be played as a collective symphony, as an orchestra. It is now the privilege of Quantum University to bring this “Gold Medal Team” of teachers together to be a part of creating a new blueprint for a curriculum that will redefine modern medicine as a healing art. We hope it will also inspire other medical universities and colleges of natural medicine to follow the same path.