Collective awakening… join the Quantum Culture!

Collective awakening… join the Quantum Culture!

Coming back from the Project Noosphere world tour, which has already gathered thousands of people around the world to focus the power of our collective intention to make the world a better place, I realized how crucial it is to expand the knowledge of consciousness and quantum physics in the arena of higher education.
The new paradigm shift in science is one that recognizes the supremacy of consciousness over matter, which is essential in the evolution of the human race. Neuroscience research has revealed that our inner reality influences our outer reality. Without an understanding of this quantum truth, materialistic science guides us to a dead end.
Fortunately, a new culture is already perceivable throughout the world, a culture where these new ideas and concepts from quantum physics are now illuminated in many domains of science.
This is a time in our history when the choice of the premises on which we base our model of education is vital, especially in the domain of health. Will we choose the deterministic principles whereby we are the victims of our genes and there is no other outcome than the fatalistic diagnosis written by a materialistic model of science? Or will we prefer a model of healing in which we take back our power to heal with the new understanding that we are the makers of our reality? Right knowledge is the key to opening our minds to a medicine of infinite possibilities.
This is exactly what the new culture is: a collective awakening to the inner reality and the underlying field of infinite possibilities.
During the last decade, Quantum University has created not only a unique educational platform that allows the flourishing of this new paradigm in many ways: Quantum World TV, the World Summit of Integrative Medicine, the World Congress of Integrative Medicine, Project Noosphere, and many social media networks, but has also allowed many professionals and healers to express these new principles in the domain of health care.
Let’s join together in this new culture that is already profoundly transforming our society toward more health, peace, and wealth for all, and let us know how you would like to help expand the Quantum Culture.